Trainee Investigator Programme

You have arrived at the scene, you have sealed off the area. You have five different people telling you five different accounts. What do you do next?

Officers who have successfully completed their two year probationary period and been confirmed in the rank of Constable are eligible to apply for the Trainee Investigator Programme (TI Programme).

What is a Trainee Investigator?

Constables who are accepted onto the Trainee Investigator Programme are Detectives in the making! The programme is designed to teach officers the skills needed to be a Detective.

What is involved?

There are three phases to the Trainee Investigator Programme

Phase 1 - Invited to attend an induction day where you will find out what the programme entails and you will receive amongst other things an investigators manual and workbook. You will use these to study for the National Investigators Exam. You will have on average 3 months in which to study for the exam. There are four exams held annually, at the beginning of March, June, September and December. You will have to achieve a pass mark to move onto phase 2.

Phase 2 - A six week Investigator Course. Depending on the force you serve will will depend where the course is held. Some forces have their own in house training courses which are delivered by skilled trainers and Detectives. Other forces send their Trainee Investigators to other areas, these are normally residential courses. Many forces are moving towards in house training in line with their Probationer Training Courses.

Phase 3 - Trainee Investigators will complete a Professional Development Portfolio where they will evidence their competencies in core ares. Once this is complete, verified and signed off Trainee Investigators will be confirmed as Detective Constables.

It is estimated that the programme will take around twelve months to complete and achieve all of the competencies required to be a detective.

There are companies that deliver courses on how to prepare for the National Investigators Exam. These can be found by using Goggle to search "national investigator exam"

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