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Tracking down an old timer...

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The below cropped from introduce yourself area on the behalf of member username LaraC - Please contact her direct or reply here if you can help in anyway.

Can anyone help me find out more about my partner's grandfather's career with the Met Police - I have tried ringing them but couldn't find anyone sensible to talk to.

We're talking 1920s/30s and the old boy is long gone, along with his wife and other family members who might have had information.  All we've got is his photo in uniform, a collar no, his station (Forest Gate) and his old truncheon.  Would be great to find out a bit more about him - any suggestions gratefully accepted.

Thanks - LARA

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Dear Lara C,

Have you found anything yet?  I'm a new member so have only just seen this posting.

Our County Hall Archives keeps all sorts of records for people in the County including Police Officers; you could try the one that covers Forest Gate.  You might need a Reader's Ticket (a bit like a library ticket - ours asks for a photo as well which they encapsulate on it) and then you can book a session on the computer or look at handwritten Police records for that time.  Records used to be held in St. Catherine's House in London, I'm not sure whether or not they still are or whether they have moved, but hopefully your local library will know that.

Another thing you could try is getting hold of some newspapers for the 20s and 30s (the Hercule Poirot era!  I can just picture him in one of those beautiful cars) and see what crimes were committed in and around the area, and the cases that went to court.  At least you'd have an idea of the sort of work that he might have had to do.  Not quite the same as tracking down his career exactly, but a start.

Before I go, another couple of places where you might be able to find some help to start you off:

The Police History Society (www.policehistory.com) and

The Records Management Branch of the Mets - 0207-230-7186, unless you've tried that already; the number is taken from a business card that I was given 3 years ago.

What was his name, just in case I come across anything connected with him?  I'm not in the Mets, but do work in a Police Library, so you never know.

Do let us know how you get on - I almost feel as though I know him already now!


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The only suggestion I can make is try the force museum curator they normally have all the old files for the officers from many moons ago.

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