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I have a problem...

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Namely that my laptop is running slow/freezing up when I'm on the 'net. It also freezes up when I'm shutting it down. Confused

It's got Norton antivirus etc etc & I've scanned it but that hasn't detected any viruses or anything.

It's just really annoying so any ideas what could be wrong or any programmes you can recommend to sort it out? (Preferably free, I'm a bit broke LOL)

Girl*Next*Door2007-08-09 01:53:02

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If this is does not happen when not on the internet, the first suspect must be spyware. There are a couple of free programs to seek out and destroy spyware (note: spyware is not the same as a virus and needs specific software). They are:



Spybot - Search and destroy

If you have run a spyware detector and this still happens afterwards, the next culprit would be your home network and/or the your internet service.

Does your laptop have the facility to connect to your router by wire? If so, try connecting that way. If not, things start to get complicated.

Does this running slow running happen all the time or only sometimes?

That's enough to try at the moment. Any further ideas can be helped by the answers to my questions.

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You could try deleting all your cookies. (Make sure you know all your logins and passwords before doing this if you store them on your PC)


Also you could delete all your temp files, sometimes these interfere with the normal running of the PC.

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GND - The problem definately sounds spyware/virus related as Penb' mentioned.


'Ad-aware se' - get it. This is one of the industry leading malware-removal tools and I've used it with excellent results for years.


Once you have given your computer a good scan of this type, do some general house-keeping as EXEP mentioned. Removal of cookies, de-frag the harddrive (Start/All Programs/Accesories/System Tools) and remove any unwanted clutter.


...another small suggestion is to get rid Norton anti-virus too. Something like Kaspersky (Kaspersky.com) is much more effective. I work in IT at the moment and the amount of industry members that wouldn't afford Norton the steam off their **** is mildly worrying.


..oh, there is a program called 'zone alarm'. Excellent little tool that runs in the background and informs you if anyone is trying to break into your system whilst your online. Worth if it you can manage to get a copy..

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Just to support what Simon has said, Norton definitely slows down a computer. The only problem is removing it. Symantec just don't want to lose a customer and it is not a trivial thing to get rid of this particular program. However, it is worth it. Just prepare for it to take some time and give a little hassle along the way. There is a piece of software to help remove it. It is freeware but I just cannot remember its name at the moment. Perhaps Simon can remember it.

I use AVG and it is brilliant (brilliant support for the paid for version as well). However, most are better than Norton or McAfee).

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