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Thoughts on leaving the police please!

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I am sure this has been discussed 10000000s of times but I don’t know who else to talk to about it as I don’t want to sound like a moaner at work.

I am thinking of leaving the police for various reasons. Only problem is, I have no idea what else I’d like to do. I have no qualifications (other than GCSES, a diploma in animal care and my police diploma). 

I would love to work with animals but when I approach employees they find it strange that a police officer wants to do the job of a kennel assistant for example.

There is currently a role I’m interested in, working at a kennels and chattery, If I went for it would take a 10k pay cut however I would be provided with an apartment and all bills paid. I  feel my mental and physical health would improve and I would get more job satisfaction so I am not sure wether to be brave and go for it. It’s  the fear of the unknown. 

Really I am just after people’s thoughts if you’re able to give me any? Has anyone been brave enough to take the plunge? What job did you go into? 

Has anyone left and taken a huge pay cut and how did you make it work? 


Thanks for your time anyway.

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Okay, do something me quick calculations - how much does your current house/ flat rent/mortgage, main bills ( elec, rates etc) cost.  Does it equate to about the £19k wage difference?   If so, you may be less disadvantage than it may seem - don’t forget by the time you do tax, NI etc, that it equates to about 30% of you salary after allowances.  

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I never wanted to leave but had colleagues who did. It's an individual thing, some never looked back, some regretted it, some reapplied - one couldn't get in second time around.
I would say be very sure that you want to leave, the grass isn't always greener. If you are truly unhappy as an officer then leaving is the best thing. If you hang on you're health will suffer, your relationships will probably suffer and you'll spend a long time being miserable.

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