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ill health retirement advice

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looking for advice Re Pension and ill health

I have 16 years service and about 5 years ago was diagnosed with a chronic long term illness which is covered under the disability act. I am under a consultant and take all manner of medication to remain well which had been reasonably successful with a couple of reasonable adjustments thanks to OhU involvement.

This was until September last year when things went downhill fast. I have been off sick since then and had to undergo various different medication options with limited success. I was referred back to OHU as the dept wanted me back full time in 3 weeks which is totally unachievable. As it stands I am unable to sustain anything like the hours I should do because of the status of my condition and associated issues. 

The force doc believes ill health retirement is inevitable due to my condition only getting worse with no chance of recovery and only limited variable benefit from medication and has written a report stating I am unfit for any duty and that any future ability is unknown. 

I have spoken to the FED who suggest I go for redeployment in the first instance rather than ill health retirement. 

My concern re this is that if I can’t sustain my current role due to in part fatigue cos of the condition and fatigue cos of the medication and also because of the pain and stiffness I suffer then this is likely to be the same in any role, I am setting myself up to fail.? 

Should I go for the H1 but not retirement and see if the force push for this. I don’t want to do nothing as I am already on half pay and thus zero pay is looming in the future so I need to work out how best to move forwards which works for everyone.

Any advice would really be appreciated, 

Thanks Lisa   

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Posted (edited)

Firstly I am no longer an expert and up to date with the newest regulations and how your Force deal with these matters. Some are better and more understanding than others.Your Federation are their to help and should have experts who are bang up to date. Some Federations have access to free Legal consultations ate their offices, if yours is one I would seek this. I would also advise that you follow the advice of your Federation. It could be that your Force may, eventually, offer you a medical retirement but, I would think that they would only do that if all other avenues have been visited. That would probably mean redeployment, as it must be something that you can do.  Remember that you have only 16 years service and that if you do take redeployment all the time will add to any future medical pension.  Unfortunately the Force have the upper hand at the moment because you have already dropped to half pay and eventually will drop to basis SSP from the benefits.  I would suggest that redeployment would be better than that. If the redeployment does not work out you have not lost anything but would possibly strengthen your position for a Medical retirement. 

What ever you do use the Federation and all the assistance that they can offer. Sorry I cannot help any further because I am no longer an expert in this field. The Federation do have access to Legal Firms who have expertise in this field.

I would advise that you search for the web site on Police Injury on duty and medicals  https://pipiniod.weebly.com/.  They have a forum, which you can join, which has many experts who contribute and it would be a little more in detail than what this site may be able to offer.

Take care and I hope that your conditions and help prove fruitful.

Edited by Zulu 22

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