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What is the procedure for a traffic stop of a motorbike

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I had a seg bike officer pull up next to me at a large junction I'm in the right lane. He told me I committed a traffic offence to avoid annoying him I said I would pull over. I pulled away crossing the junction about 20mph and he put on blues.

I didn't indicate left as there was a left turn first then a area ahead to pull over I was on a st1300 in the middle of the lane and he came alongside me very close I shouted to him I was pulling over at which point he cut across me causing me to serve to avoid hitting him I continued looking for somewhere safe to stop at which point he turned into me forcing me to stop. When he overtook I was still passing the side road. He said I failed to stop. 

So anyway I'm curious as to what the procedure is when stopping a vehicle that is not accelerating or making moves to escape. Thanks. 

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You'd have to be there to make a valid comment. All we have is one person's viewpoint, and to be honest I really can't picture the scenario in any detail.

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