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Enhanced DBS - need advice

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Hi not sure where to ask or go for help with this, ive been asked to volunteer at my childrens school, i worked with kids many years ago.. obviously involves a enhanced dbs check..

I have a caution for harrassment of my mother (long story she is a alcoholic narcissist and her ex we found out was sexually abusing my daughter.. so i rang and left about 4 voicemails saying i hopes the alcohol killed her..) she kept these and reported me and of course i admitted it, i did it etc.. i cannot think time frame wise exactly when it was but it was at least 10 years ago.. i havent had any contact with her since that time

do i put this anywhere on the dbs form? ive never been in trouble with the police other than this (had a malicious call by a neighbour years ago but it was nothing etc.. police just turned up chatted and went, my asd son had a meltdown in the street and you have to give him deep pressure, think my neighbour saw it and thought i was hugging him to death.. shes moved now)

So do i need to write these things on there? 

Im ok if it needs to be put down on the form just opening up having to explain that trauma im going to find upsetting so would rather not have to relive the whole thing!


many thanks

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Absolutely! You declare EVERYTHING no matter how long ago it was.
If you don't declare something, they'll find it. This could mean getting failed for not being honest and transparent.
I wish you all the best...

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Now retired from police.I have two of these done per year due to 2 part time jobs that require full DBS. The categories are

Police records of convictions cautions reprimands and warnings.

Information from the list held under section 142 on the education act 2002.

DBS  childrens barred list information.

DBS adults barred list information

Other relevant information disclosed at the chief police officers discretion.

So the caution will show up ( they last on the police national computer until you are 99 years old).

The incident with your son probably nothing to worry about.

In short to you.Its down to who ever sees the form and what they make of your caution but it will come up.


Edited by hiramabif
missed some of my text.

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