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SC - Appeal Process/Rights On Vetting?

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Hi All,

Firstly a huge thank you to all who are currently serving this Country, under any role that is currently within a police force, I truly admire what you represent.

My joining this site is very recent, and a last port of call if I am completely honest. I have had to many knockbacks now over the years, but most recent is vetting.

I am told as an external applicant that I have no right of appeal, & that section 6 of some type of act 1996 there is no reason to disclose the decision to myself.

Added to this, I am informed that under no circumstances, in any capacity or post am I able to apply to this force again, I am stunned!.

I have sought local assistance via my local MP, which at first looked promising etc, with the avenue of data protection, right of appeal, subject to access form etc..............

Sadly this concluded my MP informed me with the Chief Constable himself explaining via telephone, that the decision was final, that I am not of suitability in the role of constable and there was no right of appeal?

Is there anyone out there, that can look at this ethically and explain to me where I go now. I am confused, as I currently work as a volunteer in an organisation that works from the same office as police. So I can pass a CRB but not vetting? Confused.......................?

Appreciate any advice

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Having worked in specials recruitment (05-08) I would suggest you let it go and accept you may never know the reasons.I had one applicant who was a lovely fella who was very immature in interview and we had to say no ( not saying thats you).Things happen for a reason.If things go wrong for an officer the consequences can be extremely dire and very quickly so.I know someone who ended up in jail over a basic punch up that went wrong.He still protests his innocence and has written a  book on it ( A Fair Cop Michael Bunting ).Your rejection could be a blessing in disguise good luck.

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