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MishaThe Cyclist

Doubled Moped Crime - how to fight it? / two ideas

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I am a victim of recent traffic accident who was lucky to survive and stay healthy, and I still commute daily to work by bicycle due to unreliable and inconvenient public transport.

It is my great concern what is happening on London roads and I want to help to make it safer and cleaner.

Today I saw an idiot on moped driving at high speed through the pedestrians crossing the road which I manage to film, but: a1) mopeds and bikes do not have plate number in front, so not possible to capture them when such things happen a2) he weared bandana covering the face and glasses - no no chance to see the face.

Two questions here:

1) Should the Law not prohibit covering the face when driving? It makes it much more difficult to bring the offender to Justice

2) Has it been considered to require bikes and mopeds have plate number in front? It would REALLY help to identify the offenders's vehicle.

I will give another example - once I was almost blown from the road by a moto bike going at around 70mph where there was a limit 30mph. That joker decided to take over the car so went to my lane. I had to keep the steer super-hard and again - camera would capture the plate number, but there is no one in front! It was (and will be most of the times) impossible to stop, turn and capture clear plate numbers.

I will write about the process of bringing the offenders to Judgement in a separate topic. Currently is it NOT working as it should, even when there is a clear footage and plate numbers. Allegations department can be made profitable and fund other police departments! There are several quite cheap improvements which would make it work MUCH better and make roads safer, allowing the load on road police to focus on other road issues. BUT: it will require changing the Law and judgement process. Something that needs to be done to reduce the number of deaths and injuries on the roads.

Many thanks,

Misha The Cyclist


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They used to have number plates at the front but this was scrapped in the 1970's as it was deemed that they were dangerous. As ReasonableMan says you need to lobby your MP.  If it is any consolation I do not know of many Police Officers who do not hold the same opinion.

It always makes me laugh when they describe it as Moped Crime, it is not. It is perhaps Motor Scooter Crime. A moped is something until 50cc which can also be propelled by pedals and usually accelerated from 0 to 10mp in about 6 minutes, and that is with pedal assistance.


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