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Specials Assessment

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I recently had my specials assessment day and was asked a scenario question, I was wondering what anyone else would have put. 


The scenario was something along the lines of: You have just gone out on patrol and your sergeant has asked you to attend a busy junction where the traffic lights are not working. However a member of the public approaches you and makes you aware of an elderly lady walking around in her nightwear. You can't get ahold of your sergeant and there are no other officers or PCSOs to help. Which scene do you attend first and why?


I said I would attend the vulnerable lady as there is a much higher risk to life as she may not be aware of her own actions. Qualified drivers would be expected to deal with broken traffic lights in the correct manor by giving way and proceeding with caution. I also stated that it would be better to deal with that situation first as if you were to attend the traffic lights, the elderly lady may then hurt herself/walk into the road and cause an RTC which would then mean i'd have to leave the traffic light scene anyway. 

I also said that although the sergeant wanted me to attend that scene I tried to contact him and made a decision based on the information provided.


Im sure there are rights and wrongs for answering it both ways but what is the correct answer if there is one? or what would you have said? 



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Sounds like you did a great job. It was probably testing your self confidence, courage and ability to spot risk. It sounds like you did the right thing. I would have done the same.

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