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writer research

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I'm writing a novel about a police officer investigating a serial murderer in the mid 90s (original, eh?!)

Although I have lots of great research material (Murder Investigation Manual, Crime Writer's Guide to Police Practice and Procedure, etc,)

I have some questions - rather stupid and basic, but I need to know!

I'd be very grateful if you could help me. 


So, imagine there's a serial murderer, it's been happening once a year for six years, I want to focus on a female lead investigator, Sullivan, would she be a DI? Would that be the correct rank? Who would be in charge of her? A DCI? Would he be the guy she would come back to the office to keep informed?


And who would her oppo be? If she has a partner she works with - maybe they sometimes go to the scene of a crime together, etc, what would his rank be?


Sorry to ask such daft questions, but I'd like to get these things right. 



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It is unlikely that the DI would be making the enquiries, that would be done by the murder team, D.C's or D.S's. There would probably be a Det.Supt. in charge and the team would attended the morning briefing for updates, and the allocation of enquiries. The OIC would keep the senior officers above him appraised of any progress and that would be progressed up to the Chief Constable.

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Most murders are put on Holmes, (I'm talking larger forces here) which dishes out the actions (enquiries) for the DCs to do. It's rare for DIs to go out and do the enquiries themselves - programmes like Morse and the Sweeney have a lot to answer for!

in general the DSs run the jobs - on direction from above. The DIs tend to dictate the strategy. Obviously on a call out the DIs will be there, but thereafter it tends to be delegated more. 

Each force is different though. Some of the smaller forces do it differently, though investigating a dead sheep is perhaps less serious! ?

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