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'Every officer has a family, a private life and wants to go back home safe'

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PC attacked just weeks into the job urges offenders to consider the consequences of their actions.


Officer Clifford had to undergo surgery twice following the incident.

A constable who was viciously attacked just weeks into the job has urged offenders to think on the ramifications of what they do.

PC Sherry Clifford, a patrol officer in Evesham, Worcestershire, was assaulted only five weeks after completing her initial training.

Her case has been highlighted by West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner, John Campion, as part of a drive to reduce violence against officers.

After being called to a fight in Evesham City Centre a man kicked PC Clifford in the face fracturing her jaw and causing her to lose two teeth.

She also had to undergo two bouts of surgery.

At first the constable was unaware of the severity of her injuries but six weeks of repeated trips to the dentist soon brought home the reality to her.

She said: “I began to feel worried about being in the same situation again, I also felt frustration that it had happened to me so early in my career.”

PC Clifford chose not to take any sick leave and says she would have been “frightened” to return the role had it not been for the support of her tutor and inspector throughout the recovery process.

Her tutor referred her to the Police Federation who were able to provide additional support and in one-to-one sessions with her sergeant and inspector.

They all agreed for her to attend further public order incidents in Worcester to relatively soon after the incident to “stop the fear setting in”.

Now PC Clifford “wants the public to realise that every officer and member of staff has a family, a private life and wants to go back home safe.”

She added: “I want offenders to think about the wider consequences, what if this was their sister or girlfriend? I want offenders to consider the person outside of the uniform.

“It’s not okay to grab or push police officers, it’s not part of their job.

“Police officers are often called upon in times of desperation so deserve more respect.”

PC Clifford said that by sharing he story she hoped to promote an understanding that officers are “human not machines.”

She added: “Hitting a police officer is a really shameful act, these are the people who are there to help."

Earlier this year Police Oracle launched our BluePrint campaign which calls on the government to meet its obligation of protecting officers both in the job and when they have been forced out of the service because of physical injuries or mental trauma.

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The problem is that the people who assault Police do not give a dam about the consequences. Of course it takes some form of hero to assault a female officer, and that is not sexist at all. She received support from her tutor, Inspector and the Federation which is to be expected. 

Assault on Police has always been a problem but the Courts should show that it is taken seriously by remand ing each case to Crown Court for sentencing. It needs the Court to give substancial sentences for Assault Police.

The report does not indicate if the offender was arrested or not, or even made a Court appearance. There are ofcourse the occasional pposter on here who criticise the use of force by officers when arresting an offender like this. There are more interested in criticising the Police and do not like to acknowledge that there are offenders out there who think nothing of using violence. 

Edited by Zulu 22

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On ‎06‎/‎08‎/‎2017 at 13:37, Zulu 22 said:

The problem is that the people who assault Police do not give a dam about the consequences.

There is a school of thought that assaults on us constitute "part of the job". Many of those that share that school of thought are in government and the judiciary. Consequently there is limited punishment.

There is also a further very good reason that criminals do not give a damn about the consequences. In days gone by an officer would have felt that if he/she had been assaulted he/she would have been supported in robust self defence. Now there is an awful lot of scrutiny on Police use of force..a pre-emptive strike is almost unthinkable.

Police officers are limited in what they can do to defend themselves and the judiciary is limited in what it will do to punish those that assault Police.

Why wouldn't it become common?



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