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Query Re: CKP Providers

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Hi All,

Im looking for a bit of advice about CKP providers. I am planning on applying to SWP when regulars recruitment next opens up and they require a completed CKP before you can apply. 

Does anybody know if SWP have a preferred provider or can anyone recommend a good one, (online or classroom led) I am currently living in Oxfordshire. 

Also does anyone know whether you can complete the qualification intensively over say 2-4 weeks as I am serving in the RAF and am not able to commit to 10+ weekends in a row? 

Many thanks! 


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Hi I am currently coming to the end of my CKP (for Surrey) and have done it with Enlighten Training (at home), they've been fine and it's very easy to get set up and start working your way through the modules.

Personally I don't think you could complete it in 2-4 weeks as it is very intense, a lot of work (10 modules plus 6 assessments, and 2 assessments to be done in London).

Hope this helps.


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