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A good career change?

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Hi everyone,

After spending the last 7 years as a science teacher and reached a middle management role in very challenging school I've decided a career change would be healthy for me.

I have a relative and a few friends in the police (Northumbria) all of which believe that my values and work ethic are suited to the police force. So I've started to look into it and I have a few general questions I'm hoping can be addressed here;

1. I understand I would have to enter as a police constable, but if a successful application is made is there a possibility of starting above the pay point 0? (I understand finance should not be an influential factor but I do have kids and a mortgage to consider also)

2. what is the time frame from applying to starting if successful?

3. I actually attempted applying for a special within the last 6 months but failed its behavioural style questionnaire. Would this affect an application to the police constable position within the same 6 month time frame?

4. at the moment Northumbria police recruitment is closed. When recruitment starts up again, how long does recruitment last for?

5. How often do Northumbria police recruit i.e. if I miss the next round of recruitment am I to wait for a year or so?

Thank you in advance for any help,


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