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Tattoos On Application Form

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As the title suggest I am worried about my tattoos, they're ALL coverable and not visible with a short sleeve shirt on (all upper arm bar the one on my leg) I'll add below the ones I'm worried about to gather some opinions before I apply. I read on one recruitment that Tattoos of weapons would make your application immediately rejected yet another force didn't say anything of the sort. None of them mean any harm or disrespect but I can easily see how someone in recruitment could deem them to be. 

  • A Dagger going through a heart, it's not bloody or gory, it just slides through no blood or anything from it.
  • An Axe on the back of my arm, again it's just there nothing derogatory about it. 
  • The one on my leg, it's a vase of Roses with some lyrics around it "I'll Crush Your Roses Princess"
  • A Noose at the very top of my arm, literally just the rope tied into a knot, nothing to do with suicided.


Thanks all for your help, please be as honest as possible, they're all in good taste and well done and I never thought for a second they could potentially stop me from getting a job, I had the Dagger a few years ago when I applied for the Fire Service and they didn't batter an eyelid or even ask for any details about Tattoos.

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You asked to be honest, well personally I hate tattoo's and I fail to see why someone would want one, but that is my personal opinion. As far as most forces go, it is similar to the armed forces that as long as they are not visible. From what you say even in short sleeve order yours would not be. If the form asks you to declare them then you would have to, and it would be up to them are their local Force policy. However I do not see that they should cause all that much of a problem.

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