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Can anyone offer a bit of advice on tyre law for a 50cc scooter.

I sent my wife to have the the rear tyre changed on my moped. When I got home she said that he only had a tuned tyre and the tread is different from the front wheel. (Tread looks very similar to a car tyre and not a modern day bike tyre) 

1) Would it be ok to mix a front tubeless and rear tuned tyre? 

2) I know it's not recommended but is ok to run two tyre of different tread styles.

I'm a bit cautious now because a friend told me he heard tubeless tyres are illegal now but I can't find any information relating to this. 

Thank you in advance.


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We are happy for this topic to continue providing you read and understand the below.


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I can't think of anything preventing the use of a tubed tyre on one axle and tubeless on the other.  You mustn't mix tyres of different tyre construction, for example one having a cross ply tyre and the other having a radial ply tyre.  If the tyre has 'tube type' on the side, it MUST be fitted with an inner tube, if it says 'tubeless' there is nothing to prevent you fitting a tube inside it and if it says neither 'tube type' or 'tubeless' it MUST have a tube.  The actual tyre tread pattern does not have to match front and rear.

One thing you must bear in mind is that a tyre with an inner tube behaves very differently when punctured, to one which is tubeless.  A punctured tubeless tyre will generally lose air slowly, whereas a punctured tubed tyre will lose air rapidly.  The latter can lead to a greater or more rapid loss of control.

I would search for an appropriate tubeless tyre personally.

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