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Google Authenticator - Your Security

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As part of a recent upgrade we can now offer Google Authenticator on the Police UK Forum.

Google Authenticator is an optional two-factor authentication method - where you type in a six digit code as well as your password - therefore improving the security of your account.  The app displays a rolling code, which has to be typed in when you logon to the forum on any new device. 


What does this mean?


Currently you login to the site with your username and your password - now if you want to secure your account even further you can activate Two Factor Authentication on your account which will mean you will need to login with your username, password and a randomly generated 6 digit pin number provided by your mobile smartphone.


Activating Google Authenticator is OPTIONAL - If you do not want this then there is no need to read any further, you can continue to use the forum in exactly the same way as you do now.


If you do want to activate Two Factor Authentication you need to follow these steps;


Step 1 - Download the App to your SmartPhone or Device

Step 2 - Click Account Settings from the drop down menu by your username in the top right hand corner of the site


Step 3 - Click the Account Security Tab from the left hand menu and follow the steps in the next screenshot;


Scan the barcode or use the manual secret key method if scanning the bar code does not work (Don't hold your device too close to your screen to allow it to focus on the barcode)

Once scanned you can then check the box - Enable Two Factor Authentication and Save Changes

Step 4 - Log out of the website and Log back in


From this point on when you login to the site you will need to enter your username, password and then enter the 6 digit pin currently displayed on your device (Changes every 30-60 seconds dependant upon your device)


No-one can then get into your account here on Police UK without your physical device in their hand, along with your username and password.


If you get locked out for any reason (such as loosing your device) send an email to support@policecommunity.co.uk from your registered forum email address and one of the admin team will assist you to get back in


REMEMBER:- This is completely optional but it is a service provided free of charge to all members so that they can better secure their account.

Please note: The Global Forum Admin & Mod Team are required to use Google Authenticator in order to keep the forums secure and protect your data. 


Any problems - please let us know.


Best Wishes


Police UK Forum Team

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