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Hello Folks,

I have recently passed Application Stage for Derbyshire. Next stage is an interview later this month. They have sent a brief overview of the interview, saying it is focussed on why I want to be a police officer etc.

Is there anyone with recent experience of an interview who can provide any input to what to expect. I have loads of literature from the Derbyshire police website, together with details of the core competencies, and the force value etc. I am trying to read as much as possible to prepare myself.

Thanks in advance.


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I think one of the most important aspects for the interview is to try and remain calm and come across as being relaxed and confident. Goes without saying being relaxed will enable you to put forward your best answers and articulate them well. Personally I was confident because I knew I'd prepared really well and it sounds like you are doing just that. Learn the forces structure briefly and it's aims for the forseable future. Learn how the force is doing in relation to crime and try and include some figures/percentages in answers. " I can see from my research the force's rate of crime has increased overall since 2015 by 7%, I would like to be part of the team to tackle this and reduce crime in the area"  " I think the force is showing good iniatives through its website to help engage with the public. One being the publication of senior officers expenses. I think this shows great transparency which is vital in being able to build strong relationships with communities" ect ect.  ( check forces website and Police and crime commissioners) . This demonstrates that you've done your research.  Has your force recently had a review by HMIC? Look into that and the response from the force of improvements they'll make.  Be professional at all times from the moment you arrive and be polite. The panel of officers/HR who interview you may ask if you have any questions for them at the end. Definitely take this opportunity. But avoid the usual " when will I hear back?" which they will get after every interview.  Ask some questions about their current roles in the force and show interest. 

Oh, try and have a few practice interviews before with various different people. Preparation really is key to this process. 


Good luck, hope you pass! 

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