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Complaints against the police

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Complaints against the police


As a forum we welcome differing points of view and constructive criticism. Our members come from all walks of life and from all over the world, and hold a wide range of views on all sorts of issues. You are welcome to make ‘critical’ posts; however before you do so a few points should be borne in mind:


Personal and specific complaints


If you want to make a complaint against the police, you should contact the Professional Standards Department of that Force directly with an official complaint (this will be explained on the Force website). Police Specials is a recreational forum used by police members and non police members alike- our members are not aware of the full facts of any such incident, and in any case this forum is unable to offer any practical help. The members may be able to shed light on peripheral policing details, but- much as you would not report a crime on this website- this is not the place to try and hold people responsible or to make your complaint known.


General policy and procedure complaints


If you would like to discuss the actions of the police in a news story or video clip, or the implications of a particular law or policy, then please do so- this creates excellent discussion topics. However, please be mindful of how you conduct yourself, as we expect our members to display a high standard of behaviour. Posts which discuss a topic calmly and engage with other points of view are welcome, posts which are hectoring and offensive are not.


Furthermore, if you or someone you know has been the subject of a police investigation, you acknowledge that it has proceeded correctly according to law and policy, and you are nevertheless upset or dissatisfied- please consider what you hope to gain from posting about it on this forum. Our members may be able to offer reassurance, explain some confusing details, or enter into a debate about the wider legal issues. However, once again we are unable to offer any practical assistance and we cannot change the investigation or personally update the law.





PoliceUK Team

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