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Debt and passing the vetting

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I incurred a CCJ from an old debt I had. I tried to have it set a side by the court as I was unable to attend due to being deployed on exercise but wasn't successful.

I have though been lucky enough to be in a position where I now have paid all my defaults and outstanding debts and also paid my CCJ in full and have a certificate of satisfaction.

Question 1) The eligibility states that you can not have any "outstanding ccj's" is a paid and satisfied ccj still classed as 'outstanding'?

Question 2) with all my debt now paid in full and showing as satisfied on my credit report will this still prevent me from passing vetting?.

I'm still serving in the army and come early 2017 I'll be a service leaver on impeccable terms. Obviously with resettlement funds i hope to use them to pay for my level 3 certificate in policing. But I don't want to waste my funds on a course that will be worthless to me if I can't pass the vetting financial checks.

Many thanks.


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From my memory so long as you're not bankrupt you should be OK as everything is resolved. You have nothing that could compromise you or motivate you to commit crime to clear debts.

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