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Dun Ploddin'

How the mighty are fallen

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So its a sad farewell, for now at least, to Keith Vaz, former supremo of the Home Affairs Select Committee, laid low it would seem by his own hypocrisy and hubris. So used to holding others to account, never missing an opportunity to bash the police at all levels, ever the self publicist, he’s now in the press again for all the wrong reasons. 


The man was a modern day Roland Friesler in many respects, so used to holding others to account, sniping and bullying, preening, endlessly self-righteous. Woe betide any senior officer who appeared before his Star Chamber as he dispensed his opprobrium, oozing smugness and radiating an air of grand conceit. 


Well this honourable member, an aspirant Knight of the Realm has been caught out engaging in certain practices erm... 'inconsistent' with his (now former) position.


Let me say right now that if you or I were, say for example, caught using the services of prostitutes, soliciting them for recreational drugs we'd be out and no mistake.


Instead KV can slink off to the back benches to lick his wounds, remain an MP and look to perhaps reinvent himself yet again when the fuss has died down. After all, this is a man who  has faced and survived two separate parliamentary inquiries, had to resign as a minister, been suspended from Parliament and there were accusations over his expenses, some of which he has since repaid.


He used his position to try and get so-called poppers (amly nitrate) taken out of the Psychoactive Substances Act, the very substance allegedly in use by the ‘paid escorts’ said to have ‘popped’ round to his London flat.


An oily, slippery character this one with I'm sure more than one skeleton tucked away in his cupboard. People in Leicester have longer memories than he gives credit for.


Interestingly the Sunday paper that nailed him was not the Sun or the Times but the Sunday Mirror, hardly a Tory mouthpiece. That it was them ‘wot dun the deed’ speaks volumes about the man's standing with his Labour Party colleagues. 


No tears from me at any rate.





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