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EU Criminals

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"Mrs May contested claims by Leave campaigner and cabinet minister Michael Gove that EU membership means the UK cannot control its borders, saying the UK is not in the border-free Schengen area and "can stop people entering" the country."


So we can.  We just don't.  Presumably because it's too hard.  And once they're here, and we know that they're criminals, we don't make them leave.........because...............


You see.  If we can control our borders, and decide that we don't want foreign criminals to live amongst us, then we should pop them on a boat, or a plane, and make them leave.  Unless, of course, we don't think we have enough work for the police and courts to do in dealing with the criminals born here and want to spend money on interpreters........because they're cheap......no........wait........




So, Mrs. May, we either can stop people entering the country, or we can't.  And on that note - how many people have actually been stopped from entering the country?  You know, how many people have actually been turned round at their place of entry?  There must be a number written down somewhere.............?



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There are more holes in our borders and procedures than Swiss cheese has.  How many of us have tried to get foreign criminal record checks done?  It takes a long time and takes anything up to a month or more and even if you get them in time for a bail back or court, do mags take much notice of them?  If there was some sort of way to link criminal records to passports then we might stand a chance of stopping criminals from entering but that sort of system is a bit of a pipe dream given the variety of nations ans systems which would have to fall into line to allow that to happen.


As for border checks, last year I dealt with a Roma woman from Romania.  I did an immigration check and found that she had been deported from the UK a few years ago and had tried to return by plane from Romania but had been stopped at the airport due to the deportation, so how come I ended up dealing with her in the UK after she had been banned from the country?  She flew to Dublin and crossed to Northern Island on a border, a land border where there are no checks.  UKBA were pleased with the info I gave them but couldn't do anything about her until the next time she is arrested.


Personally I'd like a three strikes and you're out system so any non UK national who racks up three offences gets deported.  I'd love to say no ifs no buts but I'm sure that there would be a lot of objections to such a black and white system.  I'd also like to see our unemployed EU street drinkers deported as well but again I can't see that happening.

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