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special constable vetting

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Hi All,


I attended a event last night to find out more about the specials after attending a ride along just before Christmas.


I was given an application form after the event and I am quite happy with the competency questions to fill out because I have a close family friend who is superintendent so he will be helping me out with answering the questions and will be giving me guidance.


My question however is regarding the vetting process and how they view each case.


First offence - I am now aged 20. when I was young, aged 13 I got in with the wrong crowd and they basically bullied me into stealing money from by dads bank account, after NatWest put a complaint in I was arrested for theft/fraud and was put on bail, the outcome of the offence was a final warning after bail. they said to me that it will be removed once I am 18.


Second Offence - I was aged 15 on this offence. Like any other teenager who would get into a domestic with your parents/mum, on this occasion me and my mum was arguing and I basically threatened to kill her by word of mouth, I obviously didn't mean this as I was just an angry teenager like every other teenage will say today. My mum was on the phone to her friend when I threatened her and she called the police and they came round and arrested me for affray (domestic). after being arrested I was put on bail but then the charges were dropped so no further action was taken.


I feel really stupid and silly that this has happened in the past and I don't want this to affect my application and since then I've been in no trouble and I volunteer to help out my local air cadet unit as being a cadet for years before. I have a good CV and I work full-time. I just wish none of this happened in my teenage years and they were just really silly mistakes I have learnt from.


I will disclose this information on the application because it shows that I have integrity even if it doesn't pop up on the vetting.


I have no criminal conviction and no other offences, I have also never been to court (only to watch).


my question is: will they review each individual case and take these offences into account or will they disregard me as soon as they seen I've been arrested as a child? I just don't want to feel like I am being punished after doing something soo stupid as a teenager!


I really want to be a special and to help out my community and I just hope it doesn't get in my way!


anyway enough of my rambling, hope to hear from some of you soon

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