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Recruitment process help

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I was wondering if someone could help me with a question I have concerning the recruitment process.  


I have been lucky enough to pass through the application process stage.  From everything I have read, once you progress through this stage you are invited to the 4 hour assessment centre.  But I seem to have been invited to an hour long interview and my forces HQ.  This has completely threw me, and I now have no idea what I should prep for! Could someone please offer some advice on this?

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Some forces do their recruitment in different order. The interview can follow the assessment centre or be before it. Don't worry about it.

Prepare by thinking why you want to be a police officer. What you bring to the role. Have a look at the current force and get an understanding of it. Look at the area and understand what issues there are, the make up of the communities and show a general knowledge that shows you know what you're talking about and have put time in to hour career decision.

Have a look at the core competencies and get a few personal examples of those too.

It's been years since I went through the interview but that's how I prepared and I'm still in the job today so it must have worked.

Good luck.

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