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Traffic/firearms officer with colour deficiency.

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Hello all,

I'm trying to find as many officers who are in the above roles and have a form of colour deficiency. I a appreciate that some may not want to advertise the fact that they have a colour defect but if there are any officers out there who don't mind I would love to hear from you.

I am a serving PC with West Midlands and I'm compiling evidence in regards to colour deficiency and the effectiveness of officers in those roles. I am of the opinion that defective colour vision has absolutely no bearing on a persons ability to satisfactorily do those jobs. I have found significant scientific evidence to back this up and I'm looking to put this to the college of policing and occ. health/HR in west mids.

I would also love to hear from retired officers with colour defective vision who have performed these roles and their experiences.

I'm looking forward to any replies. I will not mention any names/forces if required. This is merely a fact finding exercise at the minute as I'm looking to build evidence. Please PM me with queries/contact details or I can supply you with my email address.



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I'd like to be updated on this if possible, mate. I'm colour unsafe, which has held me back quite a bit in the past. Is a poor colour perception a bar to firearms training? I know the PSNI only take new constables who can pass the D-15 Farnsworth colour tests, as it's part of their job to carry side-arms.

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