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Police wannabe

Failed pcso -pc vetting

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Evening all

I have today received the devastating news that my appeal against a caution for Affray 13 years ago has been rejected by vetting at Scotland Yard.

I'm currently a PCSO working for the met police. I entered the selection process at the paper sift stage closely followed by a day one assessment and finally the fitness and substance misuses test, to which I passed all with flying colours. Whilst this was all going on I also had to attended a law course on my days off at the price of £1000, of my own money, and work 10hour shifts at work. I then suddenly get an email thanking me for my interest in joining the met as a police constable but my application has been terminated.

I then contact HR who told me it's a vetting issue and I will have to take it up with them. After being passed from pillow to post I eventually got hold of a vetting manager who looked into my details and told me I had a good case for an appeal as I'm already currently working for the met and it was 13 years ago.

So I then appeal against a perverse decision with my reasons for my appeal and attach references from my OCU commander,chief inspector,inspector, sergeant and PC's. Now for the interesting news on the mets own website, it states that having a "conviction or caution does not bar you from becoming an officer. It states it depends on the age of you at the time of the offence and the severity of the offence. It also says 5 years should have expired for recordable offences, which mine was 13 years ago. That's for external applicant where I'm already a serving officer.

I then wait three weeks for a response and after weeks of sleepless nights and headaches and stress I get a disappointing result.

Basically all I've been told is that as a PC I would cloud evidence in court due to my past caution. I find this astonishing as I've been crown court and magistrates court on numerous occasions. I know it's two totally different roles but what's to cloud in court and doesn't my hard work and commitment to the job count for anything? Now for what happened 13 years ago.. I was outside a club as a teenager at 3am in the morning and was standing waiting for a cab when my friend became involved in a pushing and shoving match with another reveller. I then try stop this from happening by pulling him away and get arrested for Affray by an over zealous officer.Then after I sober up back at the station I get offered a caution and get told that it will not effect my future and will not show up on future checks. Which is rubbish. I also had no representation to advice me and didn't understand the caution all those years ago. Now I'm in this current situation and i feel like my life and career has ended. I'm in a job with no prospects and I have nowhere to go.

I have 4 commendations and numerous quality service reports to my name for bravery and professionalism but I'm apparently a risk. Am I right I'm thinking that because of a minor incident 13 years ago I have NO future as a police constable in the met? I feel totally discriminated against and im being made to feel like a criminal. Members of the public have told me on numerous occasion that I would make a brilliant officer as I treat people with respect and professionalism and portray the met in a good light. What do I tell those people when they ask why I'm NO longer able to be one a police officer? Do I tell them the met has no faith or trust in me? They are quiet happy for me to interact with the public and get involved in situations on the street as a PCSO but not as a PC. I will fight this all the way as I've worked my socks off to prove i have what it takes to make a good officer. I'm also in contact with my union.. I plan to continue to act in a professional manner and treat everyone with the respect and dignity that the majority of the public deserve. Just wish the job would show me the same commitment.

Any advice would be appreciated guys and girls and I'm lost for words.

Thanks for reading my post

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This relates to  specific circumstances where you are involved. It is the forums policy not to discus specific points because no one here has the full picture and may give incorrect advice which you act upon. We will all feel sorry for the position you find yourself in, but it can go no further. The topic is being closed.

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