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Injury award nonsense, anyone else had this?

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I retired on ill health in June from the Met and in August was awarded a band 1 injury award I was then informed it wouldn't be paid it until I applied for benefits which were deductable. I was told I had to apply for Incapacity Benefit now called Employment Support Allowance (ESA) and Industrial Injury Benefit (IIB). I applied for both , I have had to have major surgery so have no intention of working.

I attended a medical for the IIB and was seen by an ATOS doctor who just dictated what I told him , I have heard nothing since seeing him in early October , re the ESA I was informed I could only claim for a year (NI contributions) as I didn't qualify due to having too much money , I was also informed I would have to get medical certificates showing unable to work and attend workshops to help me find a job, which I have no intention of doing, whilst receiving this information Logica tell me ESA is not a benefit that is taken into account so I cancelled my claim.

Logica then tell me I have to also claim Reduced Earning Allowance (REA) which is an addition to IIB I queried this as REA is only payable for injuries sustained before October 1990, both my injuries happened after this date??

So as it stands I have applied for a benefit I didn't need to, they want me to apply for one I'm not entitled to and now in limbo as awaiting a decision if I will get IIB which will be deducted from my Injury pension ( backdated till June) , even though both paid by the taxpayer, what a waste of time and money.

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Not much they can advise, it's the bad advice from Logica and having to apply for benefits I didn't have to , all I can do is wait for the IIB decision and then let logica know so they can deduct any benefit I am awarded. It seems a waste of time as I said it's just robbing Peter to pay Paul. I was just wondering if anyone else had this nonsense to deal with and how long it took to resolve.

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