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I wondered if anybody has experience of the process of applying for a injury award medical pension. I'm currently undergoing treatment for injuries on duty resulting in both physical injuries and PTSD after being involved in a series of incidents. I'm booked to see the SMP early next year. I understand for the purposes of an injury award the medics have to attach a percentage disability. Any advice regarding this issue would be gratefully received.

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In my limited experience I would say this isn't something you 'apply' for, you are either fit to work or you aren't.

If you are fit, you will be given a role commensurate with your abilities and retained in the job, if you are deemed unfit then you will be retired on a pension based on your service. Unless you have 26 and a half years service you won't get a full pension.

A standard means of assessing your fitness will be applied such as; can you walk x distance unaided, can you use a telephone, can you climb stairs etc. depending on your results you will be recommended for retention or retirement. I imagine the injury award is similarly based i.e. to what degree are you disabled and what are you likely to be able to do if you are unable to continue as an officer.

As I say, I'm not an expert so I suggest speaking to your Fed rep and line management who are, hopefully, managing your absence in accordance with regulations.

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Thanks for the advice. The situation isnt that straigth forward. The bottom line is neither the line management or Federation do not have the final say it is all down to the Health Care Proffessionals. I just thought other serving officers may be in a similar postion could shed some light on the process.

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My husband went out on a medical with an injury award in June. All evidence was from his consultant and the force doctors. He didn't have any problems as everything was well recorded over the years.

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