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OSPRE PART 1-failed

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Got the result and I failed-54%. Guess the new baby and sleepless nights took its toll. There's always next year. It's a shame we don't have a right to appeal but I suppose I signed the declaration so have no excuse. How many times has anyone taken the exam? What about the residential crammer courses-experienced them, anyone? Congrats to all who passed. stottycake2010-05-06 22:45:18

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Hi Stottycake


So sorry. Even though it's gutting that you had 54% it's also encouraging as you know next year with the baby being a little older you will pass this with ease.


Never did a crammer course so can't help with that. I know of someone who passed on the 7th attempt. Someone else I know failed last year 52% and scored 70% this year. Don't give up!!!


Good luck

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My partner and I both sat the exam this year and both passed. She scored 58% and myself 64%. This was the second time for both of us although previously we did not put in anywhere near the study we should have.


We both went on a Crammer Course and I have to admit that it was worth every penny. The other half worked it out and she passed by only three questions. She is adamant that without the course she would have failed.


The three day crammer that we went on was hard work. They are long old days but we both felt that we came away from there with not only added knowledge but the confidence that we were both capable of passing the exam. This was helpful for her as she does lack self confidence.


Our revision was hepled by the fact that we could do it together. We are planning the same thing for Part 2 later this year.


I am also now studying for my NIE and will be going on a two day crammer with the same company I used for my Part 1. I have no doubt that it will yet again be worth every penny !!!


Hope this helps !!!

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I dont think anyone who has not taken part 1 understands the amount of time and work required to pass,

What i would suggest is dont try and look for excuses as to why you failed or moan you cant appeal 54% shows you are not far off the mark, i failed first attempt with 52% for this year i paid for one of the crammer courses a 3 day event well worth the money, the best advice was not to approach the exam thinking like a police officer, helped target areas needed and assisted with tecnique.

If you do decide to do a cramer course do some research there are some on offer of dubious quality. a good luck for next year

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