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Well I've finally done it, at the third attempt passed part 2, last chance saloon for me.

The bizarre thing is that I haven't got a clue how. In previous years I have invested a lot, in terms of cash (courses) time, and emotion in trying to pass. Failed, close first time, not even on the same planet second time. Each time I recieved the results it was like an actual kick in the stomach, complete misery. Not good for me, or my family.

So this time, I decided that I wasn't prepared for that again. I did next to no preparation, (one free weekend course organised by my force and a grand total of 5 practise stations (two of them on the course) I was absolutely determined that I didn't give a flying $%^& if I failed.

Came out of the exam absolutely certain that on the basis of my previous two attempts, I must have failed.

So I passed. How does that work?

Anyone else had similar experiences? I am amazed there hasn't been a post on the delights of part 2 already?



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First off - congratulations Dave!

Secondly, perhaps you made them feel sorry for you?

The whole thing is a lottery, based on an assessment of five minutes of concentrated effort for each station.

The sooner they get rid of it, the better.

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I did mine at Bramshill, and did mention to my last role actor that it was perfectly placed, as the lake was ideal for a suicidal plunge!

Don't get me started on getting rid of it....

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just passed part two.

I attended to week-end training sessions organised by the force. Wally Wallace and Steve Strickland. I only did two practice stations which i got good feedback on.

I put it down to these simple rules.

1) Be supportive and nice to role actors, empathise with their prediciment.

2) deal with the/their problems and offer solutions. Think aloud and explain your thoughts, offer solutions.

3) challenge constructively.

4) Keep talking right up to the buzzer even if you are repeating yourself, you will score higher on the scalars.


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 Again- Congrats re Part two.

 With regard to why no one has posted re this topic, probably because those that are in the know re Part two are still recieving medical help.

 I passed last year and after finishing the stations and having to drive home I only went and took a wrong turning on the motorway and drove an extra 80 miles, owing to the fcat my mind was like scambled egg!! but hey ho its all done and dusted and i've even now only gone and got myself promoted!!

Well done again.smiley4.gif



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Must be a common symptom, after one of my failed attempts I was with a colleague who had also done the same exam, and between the two of us completely managed to miss the M25 from the M11. Ended up lost in London trying to work out how the hell we had got there!

I wouldn't be surprised if a few RTC's can be directly attributable to this exam, as well as some numpty sergeants!

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