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Found 3 results

  1. Hi All, Firstly a huge thank you to all who are currently serving this Country, under any role that is currently within a police force, I truly admire what you represent. My joining this site is very recent, and a last port of call if I am completely honest. I have had to many knockbacks now over the years, but most recent is vetting. I am told as an external applicant that I have no right of appeal, & that section 6 of some type of act 1996 there is no reason to disclose the decision to myself. Added to this, I am informed that under no circumstances, in any capacity or post am I able to apply to this force again, I am stunned!. I have sought local assistance via my local MP, which at first looked promising etc, with the avenue of data protection, right of appeal, subject to access form etc.............. Sadly this concluded my MP informed me with the Chief Constable himself explaining via telephone, that the decision was final, that I am not of suitability in the role of constable and there was no right of appeal? Is there anyone out there, that can look at this ethically and explain to me where I go now. I am confused, as I currently work as a volunteer in an organisation that works from the same office as police. So I can pass a CRB but not vetting? Confused.......................? Appreciate any advice
  2. Hey folks! Firstly, cheers to the staff for letting be a part of the forum! I've always been interested in joining the police force, so back in January when I noticed South Wales Police recruiting for PCSO's I jumped at the chance. I've passed all the recruitment process, vetting, fitness and health, been at every appointment well before time and retained a good manner for communication with the HR recruitment process. I was expecting to receive the email last Friday, with 1 month until the proposed training date. Being the sceptic I am, I tried not to build my hopes up, despite being offered a conditional offer. Recently the SWP recruitment site had some errors, so this prompted me to telephone the HR dept. Who assure X me that the condition offer will be with me (hopefully) before Friday. Here's where things go down hill.. I received a telephone call at 5 minutes to 5 on Wednesday, stating that unfortunately the sub contracted company who carries out the DNA testing has failed to come back with a fair few results for some candidates and unfortunately I wouldn't be taken in during this intake, however I will be short listed for an "anticipated intake in March 2017". Knowing I've never touched any substances, this left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth, however I remained a good manner in the telephone to see if there's absolutely anything else that can be done, even if it meant me taking another drugs test the following day or if the drug tests came back later, would it not be possible for me to still be brought in as I only have to give my employer 2 weeks notice. Unfortunately, this is against protocol and I'm now being given absolutely zero information about the anticipated March intake. Top marks for the HR dept. However, they have been amazing during the entire process, being helpful and having a great answer on all occasions. This left me with a few answers so I've been speaking to 1 or 2 friends working with SWP who quite simply responded by "never heard of that happens, sounds fishy/odd/wrong", so I thought you guys may have heard of something similar happening? Many thanks,
  3. Good Afternoon, I was offered a Police Staff position with Surrey at the end of July following an interview and am now waiting to start. I was told the vetting would take between 6-8 weeks (which I instantly thought was crazy seeing as I already work for the Met and so not sure why it would need that long, but I appreciate they have to do it themselves...) It has now been 8 weeks and I am yet to hear anything. I rang them the other day but the people working in recruitment only seem to know what it says on thier computer screens which is that it is currently with the vetting team... They are unable to give me any other updates The most annoying thing is, is that I am so desperate to give in my notice and leave my current job and so I am now weighing up the options of just leaving and risking being unemployed for however long whilst Surrey finish thier vetting!! Has anyone else had similar problems with vetting? Or anyone else who has gone through the vetting for a staff role and can let me know how long it took them? Thanks Jo