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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, if someone has a licence but is driving without third party insurance, would you also report them for driving otherwise than in accordance as well as no insurance or just for no insurance? I've heard differing stories. Much appreciated !
  2. 2wheelerbee

    Half Yellow box rules

    These quite common road features are not covered/ mentioned in the Highway Code, which is a poor show as I often see drivers not obeying full box rules suggesting the subject isn’t dealt with well. My question is can you lawfully stop inside a half yellow box to turn right but prevented from doing so by on coming traffic (in this case from your left and the road is clear to the right)? The case have in mind is a T junction with the box at the end of the minor road stretching out half way into the major road. It is aimed at improving flow without traffic lights so that main road traffic doesn’t block access to and from the minor road when Busy…ie traffic should not enter unless the exit is clear. As far as I can find, The traffic signs gen directions 2002, now 2016, Section 7.2 (2002) treat half yellow boxes and full yellow boxes the same by virtue of diagrams 1043/44 (now amalgamated as 1043 in 2016 regs!) So, if joining the main road from the minor, can I sit in the box, if, the exit road (to my right is clear), but I am prevented by approaching traffic from the left, thus causing me to block main road traffic from my right. Technically, I think I should be allowed to do so, but practically it might be risky to sit in the box as drivers from the right on the main road may not give you right of way. Comments welcome
  3. 2wheelerbee

    NSL leeway of 1mph

    I was disappointed to hear the comments by a senior police officer wanting to remove any leeway on exceeding NSL. I'm no advocate of speeding, however his solution would not make roads safer but more dangerous as drivers would be pre-occupied with looking at a speedometer than observing and planning to manage hazards. Officers should be allowed to use some discretion as they are best placed to judge how dangerous someone is in context. Cameras don't discriminate and lack the AI to make judgements. There are better ways to improve road safety: Through education (a rolling programme), catching those who tailgate/intimidate use an mob or are intoxicated. The introduction of 'smart' motorways where the former hard shoulder no longer exists has made motorway driving a more risky activity...God help you if you can't get to a refuge area and an HGV missed or passed the previous gantry before a lane was shut down. To look at submitted video footage of dangerous / illegal drivers/ riders. Offering significant insurance incentives to go and do the IAM/ RoSPA courses and/or require a 5yr refresher lesson with a driving instructor who signs you off as competent or that you need further practice. Drivers who cause fatalities through dangerous driving should not be allowed to get their licence back. Filter out psychopaths as part of the licensing process. Great drivers as most patrol officers are, I wander how consistently they can drive to within 1mph when not pursuing someone and they have advanced training.
  4. battleborn92

    PCSO West Mids

    Right, Im Ross. I'm 21, and have finally plucked the courage up to try and better myself and make something of my life, I am currently stuck in a dead end job with no sign of progression in the company. I decided it was time to try and fulfill my life long ambition of becoming a traffic officer. Now obviously it isn't as easy as applying for your everyday job, and there are many steps to take before becoming a traffic officer.. But i have made a start... I have searched and searched for PCSO availability in the West Midlands but have come up with nothing as of yet, Is there anyone who can point me in the right direction. As i'm aware becoming a PCSO is probably the best way of getting in to the force in this day and age. So any advice/help would be great.
  5. Hello, I'm new to policing and just have a simple question. Is there any difference between doing a PNB interview with a person at the side of the road for a suspected offence of dangerous driving and interviewing them for the same offence at a police station on a voluntary basis? Is there any legal/lawful requirement to have done a statement before either interview? E.