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Found 1 result

  1. Dazzzler

    Resignation !!

    I am aware that I may be regurgitating a question that has been asked on here a number of times therefore I apologise in advance, however can someone please spare a few minutes to give me an idea to where I am at given the following circumstances. I am on the 1987 Pension scheme since joining in Feb 1998.(19yrs Service), I have a further 4 years Military service pension. Therefore as It stands I have just over 23yrs pensionable service. I am currently 43. I am in the 'tiered' system for the new pension scheme and don't move over to the new pension scheme until 2019. The last bit of information may be academic because my question is simply ' If I were to resign now, when would I be able to get my pension?'. I fear the answer is State Pension Age which I know is currently 67 but will no doubt have changed to 103 when I am 6 days short of my 67th birthday. The fact that I am asking this when England are playing Scotland in the Six Nations proves just how desperate I am to walk away from a job that I once loved and was very committed and passionate about . . . . . . . how things change eh?!. Thanks in advance for your time and any help you can provide.