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Found 19 results

  1. sierrafoxtrot

    Transferring Forces

    Hi all - I’ve recently completed my probation period with West Midlands Police and within the next 2 years will look to relocate back where my family live (Surrey), and will apply for a transfer. I know very little about transferring at present, so looking for some info. I am booked on to undertake my taser x26 course in December this year, and just awaiting a date for my response driving course and PO level II. Does anyone know whether we can take these tickets with us when we transfer or will we lose this and have to retrain with our new force all over again to obtain these? Thanks in advance.
  2. Calling all people from an army background (or others with relevant experience) who joined the police who have suffered the wonders of the CBRN gas chamber during basic, and then gone onto cs spray exposure during initial police training - in your opinion what's worse? I've previously gone through CBRN training in the army ('twas delightful) and have got my cs exposure with the police coming up soon. In the interests of managing expectations should I expect better or worse? (or the same?).
  3. Hi all, I've been interested in joining the police for years ! I'm now old enough *20 years old* and have looked through the roles etc and done some research ! However I'm wondering if there is anything I've missed ! So are there any tips or things I should know before I join ? Also I'm based in Kent , to join as an officer you must have finished full A-LEVELS ! Which I did not ! Is this the same across the UK ? And finally ! We have our house up for sale, it's not sold for the last year ! Should I apply now or wait till I move as it could be away from the area either up north or Futher west ! Thanks Ash
  4. Jack1990

    Shift Work

    Would anybody be able to tell me whether shift work is required in all the roles within the Police? I am currently in the recruiting phase for the Police Officer role with West Yorkshire Police and I understand that for this role shift work is involved. If I decide to specialise, is there any specialism I can go into that does not require shift work (i.e. ideally working 9-5?). I ask because I have previously read that the long term health affects of shift work can be potentially dangerous.
  5. Sooooo, queue the generic question... I was looking for some advice/officer experience from City of London Police. Do they 'carry' their own workload or is it standard response whereby initial details are taken and then passed to relevant unit? If so, how many crimes does each officer normally have? Is there scope to progress in skills quite quickly? Class 1, taser, PSU.... Is there much time to be proactive/out and about? Would you advise someone to join the job? Anything else.... Thank you in advance :)
  6. Hi all, I'm a recent university graduate who's been going through the SEARCH DC recruitment process for the Hampshire Constabulary, and passed the first assessment day a month or so ago. Since then, having done a lot more thinking into the shift work, effect of relationships/social life, etc, which comes with a job in the police, I've come to the decision that my heart's no longer in it anymore. I know these kind of u-turns do happen, but I'm still angry with myself for throwing in the towel. I understand that to be a DC, you've got to really, really want to do it, and unfortunately that's not me right now. My final assessment day is in a few days time, but my partner still thinks I should go anyway because she believes it's a great opportunity and that the job might bring me out of my shell, and that the is experience of another assessment day is a good thing. I feel as though I shouldn't waste their time and that it's unfair on those who do want the job to be in competition with someone who's only going to turn round and say 'thanks, but no thanks' should they pass the final assessment day. What advice would you guys give? I don't want to disappoint my partner and come across as a flake, but at the same time it's not right to put on a facade and attend something which will ultimately be futile.
  7. A year ago I was 17 and I got myself involved with the wrong people who basically used me and we committed what was described as 'violent robbery' where a victim got injured by my car after his phone was snatched and I ended up getting the most trouble by having serious charges such as GBH with intent, dangerous driving and theft on me but all charges ended up getting dismissed at a youth court. I am now 19 and would like to maybe join the police later in life but even though I don't have a criminal record as I asked the officer that worked on my case the police most likely still has my fingerprints and mugshot and record of me on their system. I researched and found out that the police recruits people with minor offences however mine was quite serious. So will I always be a criminal in the police's eyes and would this not allow me to join the police?
  8. QuentinScorsese

    Force Interview (Leicestershire)

    Hello Guys, I have been successful in my application form for Leicestershire Police and I have now been invited to a 'Force Interview' it is in two week and I am bricking it. Can't find much information on what is actually going to be asked of me at the interview, wondering if anybody can give me some bullet points or even what their experience was at the Force Interview stage. Would appreciate any and all info you can give. Questions asked, things they are looking for, good answers & bad answers etc. Thank you guys, I am not expecting it to be spelled out for me, but having a rough idea of what to expect at the interview would be a huge boost. Thank you.
  9. I applied to Kent Police back in July 2016 for the role of a Police Constable. Everything has gone great and i'm through to the vetting stage. I had my security and reference checks about 2 months ago, and my home visit a month ago. The provisional start date i was given was for Jan 2017, which is cutting it a little close now. However i just received an email saying that my file is with senior management right now. I'm not sure if this is a good sign, or what that means? Could someone please explain the role of senior management regarding recruitment, and what they would be doing while looking at my file? Many thanks!
  10. Realistically, what are the chances of joining the Police at 18 straight out of sixth form? Studying French, Politics and Law and spending two years in my local Army Cadets I would just like to know which Police Force is "most likely" to recruit younger people and which would be best to apply for seen as how you must wait 6 months before re applying. Thanks.
  11. Unaided vision requirements now no longer stand! I never saw the sense in the rule anyway but as someone who would struggle to meet these requirements it comes as a huge relief. What do others think? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3863402/It-s-long-lens-law-Police-allow-short-sighted-recruits-join-secretly-relaxing-strict-rules.html
  12. battleborn92

    PCSO West Mids

    Right, Im Ross. I'm 21, and have finally plucked the courage up to try and better myself and make something of my life, I am currently stuck in a dead end job with no sign of progression in the company. I decided it was time to try and fulfill my life long ambition of becoming a traffic officer. Now obviously it isn't as easy as applying for your everyday job, and there are many steps to take before becoming a traffic officer.. But i have made a start... I have searched and searched for PCSO availability in the West Midlands but have come up with nothing as of yet, Is there anyone who can point me in the right direction. As i'm aware becoming a PCSO is probably the best way of getting in to the force in this day and age. So any advice/help would be great.
  13. AtreidesZ

    Essex Senior Interview

    Hi guys, Anyone else currently part of the recruitment process for Essex Police? I'm not sure what is going on. I passed my assessment and awaiting the senior interview stage, but have heard nothing from recruitment in 2 months at the time of this post. Have I perhaps missed something? Does my current situation resonate with anyone else? Is continued patience all I require? I am a little surprised that no other candidates have taken to this forum to get a feel for how normal this is. I'm usually the one reading about someone else's concerns and being comforted by the fact that I'm not alone. At the very least, I hope my post might comfort somebody else out there who is also waiting.
  14. james1clarke

    Should I Join?

    Hello All, So I've got a few questions that may be better suited to experienced officers, PCSO's or specials but I'd be grateful for anybody who's interested insight. It's a bit of a long one so bare with me. After a quite a long process I am now on the waiting list to begin initial training to become a Police Officer within West Mercia & Warwickshire Police. This is something I've wanted to do for many years now. However, I currently work for a properous young company with a lot of potential. I wouldn't say I love the job but I certainly don't hate it and I'm looked after there and it's highly doubtful I'd ever lose my job through redundancy or anything similar to this. It's worth noting that I applied to become a police officer before getting this posistion. Now, In the coming weeks/months I'm expecting an offer of employment from my chosen force. So as I mentioned, I'm looking for some insight. With all the negativity floating around a career In the force now what are your opinions on it? (preferably people with experience). I know things vary from force to force, but Could anybody tell me the realistic potential of promotion. And, is it a job for life? Are redundancies gaining to become an issue in coming years? I don't mean to be negative but I want to know the full picture before joining. Any advice, experience, insight would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, James.
  15. Future0fficer

    Met Police Recruitment

    I have recently received a email informing me that I have passed to the day one stage of the application process for the Met, does anyone have any idea how long it will take them to send me a date or send over the resources for the day. Also any tips or help that anyone is willing to give would be much appreciated. Moreover I am 18 so will this be a disadvantage for me. Thanks in advance.
  16. Hi Guys, I'm in need of some advice. I'm interested in joining the police however I'm not sure of the best way to go about things. I've looked at joining the specials as a way to gain valuable experience and show my commitment but my local force tends to recruit once a year in September then its a year or so before you can apply to join as a full constable. Another approach I'm looking at is to take a CKP (Certificate in Knowledge of Policing) course which some forces say is compulsory have done prior to applying, hopefully demonstrating some experience and commitment. However, this course can cost up to £900. My question is this, which option would offer the best route into the police force. Hope You guys can help, it would be appreciated. Thanks,
  17. canuckrecruit

    Met Borough Selection

    Hey everyone, I was hoping to get a little help. I'm preparing for my day 2 with the Met later this month after going through a long (but successful!) application process, but I need a little help! I'm not from London and though I've tried to get some answers from recruiting and HR on the issue of borough selection they still haven't got back to me and seeing how I need to hand my choices in soon I thought I'd ask you all A few of the things I'm wondering are: Are officers expected to live in their boroughs? How often are officers moved from their borough during their career? One of my main concerns is are certain specialist units (CID, firearms, counter terror, etc) based primarily/have a larger operation in a certain borough than compared to others? In what ways will my career be influenced by my borough selection? I was hoping the Met would provide some of this information to new recruits who don't already live in the city but so far nothing has been said. I now have to try and navigate the flat renting market during these extortionate times but need to find out where I should work first! Any help or advice you could give me would be really appreciated.
  18. Hi, I have applied to join L&B and have passed the SETs and now have my fitness test in October. I am just wondering if anyone is aware of what the two hour written exercise consists of straight after the fitness test? I was hopeful of a lie down afterwards, but obviously not! I have downloaded a few books on the aplication process, but they don't mention this exercise and I am therefore left presuming the English recruitment phases are different to the Scottish ones and the books are predominantly English based? Any advice is greatly appreciated before I go pestering the recruitment team as I would like to be as prepared as possible. Thanks in advance.
  19. Just a heads up for anyone keen on joining in the Cheshire (or indeed any) area, check out the link for details http://www.cheshire.police.uk/jobs/pcs.aspx It seems recently that recruitment seems to be opening up ever so slightly, there is hope for us yet. Good luck.