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Found 30 results

  1. Hello, I am a new recruit for Essex police and want to purchase some more uniform but can't find an exact match for the trousers - has anyone else found them somewhere? If so, where did you find them? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello guys this is my first time posting in the forums. I’m currently in the process of signing off from the Army which means I have to serve one year before I am released. During that time you are able to apply for jobs and think about resettlement. I am English but based in Edinburgh and am very keen to join the police Scotland. I’m just wondering if anybody has any up to date information reguarding recruitment, the assessment centre, interviews and life in the job. Would being an ex soldier help me in my application as I have worked with the public, the police and the CNC. If anybody has any suggestions or tips please feel free to tell me. Many thanks Sharkey.
  3. Firstly I would just like to express that I fully respect Police Officers of this country for having the courage and the determination of putting their own lives on the line (I certainly wouldn't have the balls to do that) to attempt to prevent causalities and put a stop to the people who are causing harm to others. The points and the keyword where I see it as a issue though is; - Suspect (A suspect is a suspect, however that doesn't mean that person has definitely done something wrong) - So you could be potentially chasing a suspect that hasn't actually done anything wrong. I'm going to explain a scenario to help people understand what I mean exactly. The issue is if a Police Officer has witnessed someone speeding in this example I am going to use going 35mph in a 30mph zone according to his speed gun, the Police Officer operating that speed gun is likely going to take chase and stop the speeding vehicle and ask for ID and apply points onto his licence. (This isn't where the problem is just yet). Usually people will stop and accept the points etc, but there's a few individuals that don't listen and don't stop and there's those that don't want to lose their licence as maybe they already have a lot of points etc... So they see blue flashing lights and decide to get away (Here's the problem if a "Suspect" shows signs of getting away after blue flashing lights are behind them, the Police Officer has caused them to do that if it's through been scared or fear. In turn because the Police Officer has took chase and put his lights on a suspect is going to try and get away if he doesn't want to be caught. (They may use techniques such as Going on the opposite side of the road, Going through Red Lights, Speeding, Throwing objects in a attempt to distract the Police Officer it's a never ending list of what a suspect can do). Now here's the problem can the suspect really be held responsible for their actions when the suspect has clearly demonstrated that he doesn't want to stop and the Police Officer has took no notice of that and seen that he's driving recklessly and still chased causing the suspect to drive even more recklessly and maybe result in a person crossing the road's death. I see it completely as the Police Officers fault as the Police Officer caused the suspect to drive recklessly, if the suspect was driving perfectly normal at 35mph and only acted recklessly when the Police Officer made himself visible I.E through sirens, flashing blue lights that's completely the Police Officers fault. Then there's a completely different side of this as I said above a Suspect is a Suspect until proven guilty a speed gun isn't proof that someone was speeding it maybe in the eyes of the law, but I would certainly argue that a picture and a video should be required as it could be wrongly calibrated, pointed at the wrong vehicle etc.. I believe there's infinite reasons and scenarios where technology can fail, there's also a matter of what's right and what is wrong. As a example in England it's illegal to eat a Dog but in China it's legal, but who's right? Is china right and we're cruel to keep dogs for domestic purposes or are the Chinese right for ending the suffering of a dog in captivity - (Domestic)? I'm not saying that you shouldn't pursuit the person, nor am I saying i'm Anti-Police. I'm more saying I strongly believe there's other "Safer" methods should be used such as; GPS Tracking (Darts - that penetrate the vehicle and stick into it) which would result in a better outcome statistically rather than causing causalities.
  4. Hi All, Firstly a huge thank you to all who are currently serving this Country, under any role that is currently within a police force, I truly admire what you represent. My joining this site is very recent, and a last port of call if I am completely honest. I have had to many knockbacks now over the years, but most recent is vetting. I am told as an external applicant that I have no right of appeal, & that section 6 of some type of act 1996 there is no reason to disclose the decision to myself. Added to this, I am informed that under no circumstances, in any capacity or post am I able to apply to this force again, I am stunned!. I have sought local assistance via my local MP, which at first looked promising etc, with the avenue of data protection, right of appeal, subject to access form etc.............. Sadly this concluded my MP informed me with the Chief Constable himself explaining via telephone, that the decision was final, that I am not of suitability in the role of constable and there was no right of appeal? Is there anyone out there, that can look at this ethically and explain to me where I go now. I am confused, as I currently work as a volunteer in an organisation that works from the same office as police. So I can pass a CRB but not vetting? Confused.......................? Appreciate any advice
  5. Jack1990

    Shift Work

    Would anybody be able to tell me whether shift work is required in all the roles within the Police? I am currently in the recruiting phase for the Police Officer role with West Yorkshire Police and I understand that for this role shift work is involved. If I decide to specialise, is there any specialism I can go into that does not require shift work (i.e. ideally working 9-5?). I ask because I have previously read that the long term health affects of shift work can be potentially dangerous.
  6. What do you do if you are constantly tormented by someone who bothers you every time he sees you For example - if you meet person B you hate who constantly gives you threats but when you say something back phones the police. Also the person involved is not interested in getting the police involved as the person B creates fake witnesses Furthermore this person has temper issues
  7. Hi all, I'm a recent university graduate who's been going through the SEARCH DC recruitment process for the Hampshire Constabulary, and passed the first assessment day a month or so ago. Since then, having done a lot more thinking into the shift work, effect of relationships/social life, etc, which comes with a job in the police, I've come to the decision that my heart's no longer in it anymore. I know these kind of u-turns do happen, but I'm still angry with myself for throwing in the towel. I understand that to be a DC, you've got to really, really want to do it, and unfortunately that's not me right now. My final assessment day is in a few days time, but my partner still thinks I should go anyway because she believes it's a great opportunity and that the job might bring me out of my shell, and that the is experience of another assessment day is a good thing. I feel as though I shouldn't waste their time and that it's unfair on those who do want the job to be in competition with someone who's only going to turn round and say 'thanks, but no thanks' should they pass the final assessment day. What advice would you guys give? I don't want to disappoint my partner and come across as a flake, but at the same time it's not right to put on a facade and attend something which will ultimately be futile.
  8. andrew754

    Reporting a friend

    Tonight a friend of mine was stupid enough to drive considerably over the limit this evening, and sped off in his car pretty quickly. I flagged down an officer whilst filling up at the petrol station, and the officer seemed more concerned with me, who I was, and why I was reporting him if he was a friend (which was, if you're interested, that whilst he's a friend, I don't want people getting hurt, so I'd rather report it and it be nothing, than not report him, and someone gets hurt/killed). The officer kept asking me if we'd fallen out, or what had happened. Suggesting that I was reporting him out of revenge. He then made me hand over ID, and asked if I was known to the police, which I am. (For recruitment purposes only). I have an interview on Saturday for recruitment to a force control room in my area, and I was wondering if anybody had insight into the process and whether this incident from tonight would go against me in any way?
  9. Hi all. This is my first time posting here. Nice to meet you all. I've been writing a novel with police characters inside. Been doing some research online, though there's a lot of parts I'm still not quite sure of and think that some of you could provide a clearer picture of how a day in life of a police look like. Hope it's alright to ask here. :) One of the characters is a young male who aspires to become a police in a fictional country based on UK. He's new on the job. He works in a metropolitan area (similar to London). A few questions I want to ask: Timeline from applying for the job until the person is considered an official police constable. Like does he need to go through an academy? Any test or exam, and if there's any, what kind? Background check and interview? How long each step lasts? How long the whole thing last? I found an article online about some kind of training here https://www.policeuk.com/student_officers.php. Is this accurate? Is there other ways to become a police constable? I've also read somewhere that the training last 6 months, so not sure which one is correct, since the article said 2 years. When do you start working in a police station? Is it after you graduate from the academy? Can you select which station you want to work in? What's a daily routine of a police in a station? What's the hierarchy of police within the station? What you have to do to ride police car? Like is there any form you need to sign? Any requirement? Do you get a car assigned to you? Who can access the city surveillance camera footage, and how? What do a police do on their first day in the police station? How is it like? How does it feel like? Do UK police have field training officer? Like a senior police that goes on patrol with them or tag along to provide guidance and supervision for a time. Let's say if a police did something wrong (like minor misconduct), who is the one who discipline them? Sorry for asking so many questions. I hope the questions don't sound too dump, and thank you anyone for answering!
  10. Most powerful group's officials say they question the continued benefit of being part of the staff association. The Met Police Federation is considering splitting from the national staff association The largest and most powerful branch in the Police Federation of England and Wales is looking at breaking away from the rest of the staff association, Police Oracle can reveal. The Metropolitan Police Federation is examining its options after reps became increasingly frustrated with how the national organisation is run. The issue has come to the fore just days before the association’s annual conference takes place in Birmingham. Met Fed Chairman Ken Marsh confirmed to Police Oracle the branch has been carrying out scoping work on the possibility. Among the issues he says have prompted the move are the pace of the Normington reforms – especially in relation to finance - and the associated costs of spending on consultants. He also said the negotiating power of the Met might be greater if it was its own entity, arguing for things such as an increase in London Weighting. “All I’ve ever wanted since I took over is to provide a good service to cops. I think we have done that locally in the Met, I don’t think we get that from the PFEW,” he said. The branch is by far the largest within the Police Federation and generates a significant proportion of its income. On Thursday afternoon chairman Steve White sent an email to reps at its national board and national council telling them rumours have been circulating about a Met Fed breakaway. With it, he attached a letter he had sent to Met Fed officials requesting they clarify their position. In the email Mr White said: “I did not want a situation going into conference where we were distracted from the important business of protecting the protectors by unsubstantiated rumour. “I have asked the question on behalf of the organisation and we will get a reply.” After the email was forwarded to Police Oracle, our reporter contacted Mr Marsh who said he had now been put in a position where he may as well speak about the issue. “We’ve been scoping it for quite a while. Twelve sergeants sat at a [meeting] and asked Paul [Deller, general secretary] and I to scope it,” he said. “The Met Police Federation is a bigger organisation than Scotland and Northern Ireland. They are not part of PFEW, Wales might not be when they get devolution, and we’re bigger than them.” Among his frustrations is the money held in local branch accounts, or so-called “number two” accounts, which Sir David Normington identified in 2014 as needing to be published. A recent checklist published by the national Fed describes this reform as “complete”, however the regulation is yet to be updated by the Home Office. Mr Marsh said: “We want to be in a position where it’s all for one and one for all, but we are not going to be part of something where we hand over £8 million from our reserves when there’s little forces keeping millions in reserves and carparks and everything else.” Mr White’s email also says: “I understand discussions have included ways to circumvent the current position that this would not be supported by the Home Secretary. I know that you will be aware of how damaging rumour can be.” Mr Marsh says while he would prefer for the changes to be made via regulations through the Home Office, other methods may be possible – such as withholding payment from the national body, and said he thinks the plan might have political supporters. “We haven’t got anything to lose from this, unlike the rest of the country if they lost the Met,” he said. In his letter to the Met officials, which was forwarded to Police Oracle on Friday morning, Mr White said the branch is important to him. “As we near the completion of the review and as we get to grips with a new way of managing our collective finance, to provide best value for our members, I know that the Metropolitan Federation view is one shared by many in relation to “number 2” accounts and the like. I am certain that by working together we can resolve these issues. “The Metropolitan Federation is hugely important and influential and should be front and centre in helping the organisation change for the better. I want to know how I can help to give you confidence that this is the case, and reassure you of the importance that attach to every constituent part of the Police Federation of England and Wales,” he said. In a recent interview with Police Oracle, national general secretary Andy Fittes said he was happy with the work done so far but stressed the “complicated process” cannot be rushed. He was hitting back at sentiments from Greater Manchester and Hampshire Fed chairmen who criticised the time the process was taking, and the money being spent on consultants. View on Police Oracle
  11. As a part of my Citizenship coursework, I have been advised to research the general impact (of effectiveness)that the police has on our society. Its undeniable that factors such as the low, limited budget the police are offered by the government and the fact that most crimes do not even get reported give the police a bad reputation. However, I am more interested in your opinions. Any contribution or idea will help tremendously. Thank you.
  12. Stefan Kozlov

    Common assault and battery

    Dear Officer / Solicitor, If an individual has been charged with an offense 'common assault' and 'battery' (Contrary to Section 39 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988) and was requested to appear in Magistrates court, what punishment can be given? Is there a statute of limitations? Could he be looked after in other countries and could he be the subject to extradition? This is because at the moment he lives in France and is afraid to fly over to the UK. Thanks! Kind regards, Stefan Kozlov
  13. Police officers have started using a car-sharing club which could cut costs and the size of its own fleet, The Scotsman has learned. http://www.scotsman.com/news/politics/police-start-using-car-sharing-club-vehicles-to-cut-costs-1-4409251 Interesting move, hopefully it works out cheaper!
  14. A police helicopter base serving Cambridgeshire is closing - but residents will now see fixed wing aircraft chasing criminals for the first time. http://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/news/cambridge-news/criminals-chased-police-aeroplanes-cambridgeshire-12758419
  15. Chief says attacks on officers should attract appropriate sanction from the criminal justice system. A chief constable has said he is increasingly concerned about the “terrifying circumstances” officers are finding themselves in. Wiltshire Chief Constable Mike Veale said that those who put their own safety on the line to protect the public should not have to deal with unacceptable assaults or attacks. Latest figures by the Police Federation of England and Wales suggest there are potentially more than two million unarmed physical assaults on officers over a 12 month period and that an assault happens every four minutes. Data for Wiltshire revealed that 72 per cent of respondents to the Police Federation's Welfare survey had been a victim of unarmed physical violence at least once in the last year, while 36 per cent said someone had used a deadly weapon against at least once in the same time period. “Every day, brave and dedicated officers and staff face difficult, demanding and sometimes dangerous situations that the majority of the public thankfully may never have to witness or deal with,” said cc Veale. “While those in public services may run towards danger when others run away, that is no reason to believe that assaults are an accepted part of the job, or an occupational hazard of being a police officer or police staff member. “They are criminal assaults which should attract appropriate sanction from the criminal justice system which should be delivered swiftly and commensurately with not just the injuries sustained, but the incredible fear my colleagues can sometimes face.” CC Veale said that he personally speaks to any officers and staff who have been assaulted or inured on duty and that at the time of writing he had six emails in his inbox notifying him of officers and staff injured in recent days. He added during his time as chief, resources and capacity within occupational health facilities has increased and he delivers compensation directly to any officer who is awarded it by the courts following an assault, instead of them waiting months to receive it from the attacker. “I have also made a commitment to increase officers and staff protective equipment so they can protect themselves better. I now have 800 body worn cameras which will be deployed to my operational officers and staff so that we can more accurately capture evidence of criminality, which includes abuse and threats to my officers and staff,” he said. View on Police Oracle
  16. A year ago I was 17 and I got myself involved with the wrong people who basically used me and we committed what was described as 'violent robbery' where a victim got injured by my car after his phone was snatched and I ended up getting the most trouble by having serious charges such as GBH with intent, dangerous driving and theft on me but all charges ended up getting dismissed at a youth court. I am now 19 and would like to maybe join the police later in life but even though I don't have a criminal record as I asked the officer that worked on my case the police most likely still has my fingerprints and mugshot and record of me on their system. I researched and found out that the police recruits people with minor offences however mine was quite serious. So will I always be a criminal in the police's eyes and would this not allow me to join the police?
  17. Complaints against the police As a forum we welcome differing points of view and constructive criticism. Our members come from all walks of life and from all over the world, and hold a wide range of views on all sorts of issues. You are welcome to make ‘critical’ posts; however before you do so a few points should be borne in mind: Personal and specific complaints If you want to make a complaint against the police, you should contact the Professional Standards Department of that Force directly with an official complaint (this will be explained on the Force website). Police Specials is a recreational forum used by police members and non police members alike- our members are not aware of the full facts of any such incident, and in any case this forum is unable to offer any practical help. The members may be able to shed light on peripheral policing details, but- much as you would not report a crime on this website- this is not the place to try and hold people responsible or to make your complaint known. General policy and procedure complaints If you would like to discuss the actions of the police in a news story or video clip, or the implications of a particular law or policy, then please do so- this creates excellent discussion topics. However, please be mindful of how you conduct yourself, as we expect our members to display a high standard of behaviour. Posts which discuss a topic calmly and engage with other points of view are welcome, posts which are hectoring and offensive are not. Furthermore, if you or someone you know has been the subject of a police investigation, you acknowledge that it has proceeded correctly according to law and policy, and you are nevertheless upset or dissatisfied- please consider what you hope to gain from posting about it on this forum. Our members may be able to offer reassurance, explain some confusing details, or enter into a debate about the wider legal issues. However, once again we are unable to offer any practical assistance and we cannot change the investigation or personally update the law. Regards, PoliceUK Team
  18. Realistically, what are the chances of joining the Police at 18 straight out of sixth form? Studying French, Politics and Law and spending two years in my local Army Cadets I would just like to know which Police Force is "most likely" to recruit younger people and which would be best to apply for seen as how you must wait 6 months before re applying. Thanks.
  19. Hi All, This is my first post of PoliceUK. I would like to ask anyone if they could help in relation to my Great-Great-Great-Grandfather (Patrick Daly) who was a Metropolitan Policeman in London in April 1871 (Census). He lived in Paddington and Chelsea. I was still a Policeman in 1881 (Census). In May 1905 he was a Police Pensioner (Census). I would be grateful if anyone could help with research of Patrick or any organisation? Thanks in advance! Adam
  20. battleborn92

    PCSO West Mids

    Right, Im Ross. I'm 21, and have finally plucked the courage up to try and better myself and make something of my life, I am currently stuck in a dead end job with no sign of progression in the company. I decided it was time to try and fulfill my life long ambition of becoming a traffic officer. Now obviously it isn't as easy as applying for your everyday job, and there are many steps to take before becoming a traffic officer.. But i have made a start... I have searched and searched for PCSO availability in the West Midlands but have come up with nothing as of yet, Is there anyone who can point me in the right direction. As i'm aware becoming a PCSO is probably the best way of getting in to the force in this day and age. So any advice/help would be great.
  21. Hi I am new to this forum. I have a question is anyone can help i would be very grateful. I have a start date as a police constable in the new year. Prior to this i did 6 yrs in the army and 10 yrs in the prison service. I have dyslexia and whilst this has never caused any issues in my previous employment i'm concerned that when in post i may struggle taking statements. I would be fine using a computer (spell check) and i understand that those with dyslexia can be offered reasonable adjustment. However are there any individuals that are police constables with dyslexia and how do they cope from day to day.
  22. Hello, I know there are other posts regarding assessment days but I thought I'd start a new one to save me and hopefully others scrolling through vast amounts of posts!! So I got the call yesterday to say I've made it through to the Assessment day (which for me will be November 28th) for the Police Now graduate programme. To say I'm nervous would be an understatement!! I've had various applications and interviews with the police before and been let down a few times so am really keen to go into this one fully prepared and determined to get the job which I am! I was wondering if anyone could give me any tips about the day in general or about these things which they've told us will happen: 1. Role Play (I believe this is very customer service based) 2. Presentation (no idea about this!) 3. Numerical and Verbal Reasoning assessments 4. Competency based interview (Am I right in thinking this will be like other interviews I've had with the Police in the past?) 5. In tray analysis test Also anyone else out there who has made it through to the assessment day for Police Now? :) Thanks , Jo
  23. Hi folks, first time poster on here and just looking for a quick bit of advice. I have always had a keen interest in working within the police service. I am due to graduate the summer of 2015 (Finance and Economics). I have been searching around the internet to try and find some information about graduate opportunities within the police service but can't seem to find very much information. I stay just outside Glasgow and so iv checked the police Scotland website, again there doesn't seem to be many specific opportunities regarding graduates. Is this because there are simply no graduate programs or any other jobs specifically designed for graduates ? I have found some information on these types of programs in England and Wales but I just can't seem to find much information regarding police Scotland. If anyone could offer any advice regarding this, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much. Jamie.
  24. Hello everyone, I need your advice. It is hard to admit being so stupid, but I was the victim of an eBay scam, resulting in $10000 (approx 6000 pounds) lost. Making things short, I made an offer for an electronic testing device, the seller accepted my offer and requested payment by bank transfer. Had numerous email exchange with him regarding shipping details and etc., he even sent an email confirming the bank transfer was received and since then nothing. Checking and investigating myself I discovered that he copied all the equipment’s pictures from another auction ended not very long time ago. Then I saw the rest of the disaster, all the red lights I should have paid attention to before paying: a lot of small details unfortunately I ignored. The bank transfer was made; therefore the bank details and account are correct. The bank is in London. Analyzing his emails I found they were all sent from London (although he gave an address in Edinburgh). The emails were checked by a computer expert and were all sent from the same IP. Now, the problem is nobody seems to do anything about this. I reported the case to Action Fraud, but it seems they are not exactly doing any “action”. It is more like a data collecting agency established to release pressure from the police. While not ignoring the necessity to collect data in order to investigate serial scammers, here we are talking about a case where and immediate and simple investigation may give quick results, starting with the bank account information and finding through the internet provider the precise IP address. As a volunteer police Superintendent (not in UK) I am very surprised by the lack of reporting options for such crimes. If Action Fraud seems to be the only option, knowing nothing will be done about the report except for updating statistics this is frustrating, not to mention UK will become a paradise for online scammers. Is there any other option for reporting fraud, where someone does something practical about it?
  25. Hello, my name is Javier and I am from Caceres, Spain.I am new in this forum and i dont know where I put this topic so if the administrator think this topic dont go here, can remove it.Sorry for my english, and I am a future police man. I am a police patch collection and I want to show you my web page: http://coleccionismoemergencias.jimdo.com/ I am starting the collection and in a future I want to create a littel museum with police patches and uniforms including caps and helmets. I need some help, becausse in England I dont meet some police officers can help me sending a patch or objects.If you want help me you can contact with me by email or my web page. thank you and have a nice day. Javier