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Found 6 results

  1. I applied to Kent Police back in July 2016 for the role of a Police Constable. Everything has gone great and i'm through to the vetting stage. I had my security and reference checks about 2 months ago, and my home visit a month ago. The provisional start date i was given was for Jan 2017, which is cutting it a little close now. However i just received an email saying that my file is with senior management right now. I'm not sure if this is a good sign, or what that means? Could someone please explain the role of senior management regarding recruitment, and what they would be doing while looking at my file? Many thanks!
  2. Hello So I'm 17 and am pretty set on joining the police and making a career out of it but am looking for things to have on my application/CV which make it appealing to the police. I have done a lot of researching, reading via my force's website (several times over), try my best to stay up to date with police related topics/issues and my cousin's wife is an officer so that is a helpful link. Although I have been advised by multiple people that I'm unlikely to get in at 18 and straight out of school (although I am still considering applying at that age just to see where it takes me) I am looking to start building up things that I can put down on paper that will look good. At the moment the only sort of 'special' or specifically relatable subject I am doing in school is a 'Law in Scotland' module via the Open University. I'm hoping this will show that I am able to be an independent learner, self motivated and have an interest in law. I also currently have a part time job in a shop where I would have access to large amounts of money and also deal with the public often. However, other than this there is nothing I can think that I can put down that will be any different from anyone else or at least make me stand out from the 'general norm'. As for community based things there is currently nothing going on in my local area. I have attempted getting work experience at my local station via my school who then said they couldn't get any work experience for me and I also tried getting some experience myself by emailing however it has been 4 months and no reply... So I am just wanting to know what could look good on an application other than the mentioned above? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated as I'm very serious about joining and creating a strong application whether it be when I turn 18 or a bit further down the track. Thanks all! TL:DR - What can I put on my application that looks good other than work experience with the police and community based things?
  3. Hi all! I just have a quick question about the application timeline for the Met police, It's probably been asked before but I did a quick search and couldn't find anything... So here goes! I've recently finished the realistic job preview and the eligibility screen and was wondering how long before I can continue and do the Behavioural questionnaire, London factor assessment etc. I just don't want to be sat here twiddling my thumbs for ages if it's going to be months, I can put it to the back of my mind for a bit! Thanks for any answers!
  4. Halliday1982, I've moved your post into the thread you already created, which is in the recruitment section, since it's really about the same thing. No point starting a new thread to continue a topic. Good luck.
  5. Htm01

    Met fitness tests.

    Hi! New to the forum, so I hope I've got this in the right place! Got my day one next week and I'm relatively confident about it, but I'm less so for if I get through and move on to the day two with the fitness tests. The pushing/pulling are fine, but does anyone know how intense the running is? Also, not the smallest person, so are they massively strict if you're a bit on the larger side? Cheers in advance!
  6. Hi there, I am in the process of making an application to the Grampian police. A little bit about me, I am 21 years old, I am originally from Ireland, lived in Aberdeen for 2 years, now am living in London (but wanting to move back to Aberdeenshire) I have done my leaving cert (A levels) and a one year course in IT after that, I've also completed the first year of a degree course, I didnt like it, so dropped out and worked full time in a retail store for 1 and half years, I am back at university, but really feel it isn't for me, and want to go back to Aberdeen and join the service, and make a difference to the community. I was wondering if someone could help me with my application questions? I've them written out and everything, just need to get peoples opinions on whether or not I am on the right track, so if I could possibly PM someone my answers, and you could give me some feedback? that would be fantastic. Also, do you think I would have a good chance getting into the service, as I am still quite young and don't really have that much qualifications or experience? Many Thanks, Tim