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Found 1 result

  1. After seeing a few posts in various threads about people having annoying things happen, i thought I'd start a gripe thread. Today i stood in the post office for 1/2 an hour this morning, and 3/4 hour this afternoon posting mr M's parcels. Why twice? Because there were sop many of them I didn't like to hog the post office counter for too long. Wish I had now.. Our heating's not working so were freezing, and to wash up I boil the water in the kettle. Luckily the shower's electric (but it uses the immersion heater circuit, so the immersion heater is disconnected.) Kindle moans are still current. I don't mind round robin Xmas letters becausethe ones I get are just a quick summary of the year past. I send one. I hope it's not too bragging. Probably isn't as I haven't much to brag about. I want to eat some chocolate but I'm supposed to be trying to lose weight. I WANT SOME CHOCOLATE.