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Found 9 results

  1. Hi. I am new to this forum and at my wits end with how my wife is being treated. I am an ex police officer so have some idea of how it all works but don't seem to be able to get the facts to enable my wife to take the right decision. My wife is a serving police officer aged 42 with nearly 24 years service and due to a number of personal events is suffering from severe depression. She was advised by occ health/ HR to go down the medical retirement route. She did this and was refused due to having not explored all medical options. Specialist medical practitioner has written a report stating that she is unfit to carry out the role of a police officer but was still refused. She then went back to GP and followed the treatment route again getting CBT and other medical support. Each advising she is unlikely to be mentally fit enough to carry out the role again. So then she went through this process yet again and was again refused as she hadn't explored all options. She has completed everything available to her on the NHS. She has now been off sick over a year, reduced to zero pay which has the obvious knock on effects to our household inc her 10 year old daughter. She is now considering resignation and just walking away for her sanity. It's clear that she won't qualify for medical retirement on mental health grounds. We are down to a couple of options it seems. The first being try and get to 25 years service and then resign as she can then draw a 25 year pension when she gets to 50 or she walks away and waits until 60. I think they are the options but would appreciate any advice to guide us. Federation have been little or no use and it seems that there is little or no help unless we pay expensive solicitor bills.
  2. Bgerrv

    Two pot pension

    Hi, does anyone know how the two pot pension works. I've been told if your in the 87 pension your I'll health pension should be no worse then if you retired on your last day in that scheme. I have 9 years in the old scheme and 2 in 2015. Anyone retired on ill health with 9 years in the 87 scheme who could share what they receive. No IOD. Thanks
  3. Dazzzler

    Resignation !!

    I am aware that I may be regurgitating a question that has been asked on here a number of times therefore I apologise in advance, however can someone please spare a few minutes to give me an idea to where I am at given the following circumstances. I am on the 1987 Pension scheme since joining in Feb 1998.(19yrs Service), I have a further 4 years Military service pension. Therefore as It stands I have just over 23yrs pensionable service. I am currently 43. I am in the 'tiered' system for the new pension scheme and don't move over to the new pension scheme until 2019. The last bit of information may be academic because my question is simply ' If I were to resign now, when would I be able to get my pension?'. I fear the answer is State Pension Age which I know is currently 67 but will no doubt have changed to 103 when I am 6 days short of my 67th birthday. The fact that I am asking this when England are playing Scotland in the Six Nations proves just how desperate I am to walk away from a job that I once loved and was very committed and passionate about . . . . . . . how things change eh?!. Thanks in advance for your time and any help you can provide.
  4. Mushroom1978

    ill health pension advice

    Hi Im hoping that someone here may be able to help. I have just been signed off by the SMP and the DCC has approved my ill health retirement. I have searched everywhere for a rough idea on what I should expect in terms of pension and commutation but can't seem to find anything online. The difficulty is in the fact that I straddle two pension schemes. I joined on 01/10/01 which means I have 13.5 years on the 86 pension scheme and 2 years on the 2015 scheme. 15.5 years total service. Im aware that the injury benefit will be settled once I'm retired. If anyone can assist then that would be appreciated cheers
  5. Hello, I am new to this forum and in fact have only just found it. I am a constable with 24yrs service and am 50yrs old and have decided I can't life is too short to be so unhappy at work. Can someone tell me if I retire now will I get a reduced penison if not when will I be entitiled to my penison and how much will it be? I have some investments that will tide me over for a couple of years however I do intend to get a job or start my own business. Can someone point me to examples of C.V's for police officers? I have done just about everything including being a Detective. Has anyone on here left the job in similar circumstances and started their own business? Did you do the right thing or do you regret it? Thanks in advance for any helpful advice. C
  6. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/lee-nolan-david-cameron-accused-1403166 This isn't the first time and this is what is in store for us if CS comes in.
  7. Ok we have a number of threads arguing amongst ourselves, expressing dismay and disgust with HMG etc and a number of people saying we should do something. The question is what? We don't have to take this lying down. Fact- The Fed have not represented us. Fact- We are being severely mistreated. There are some very bright minds on this forum, I'm sure we have a lot of people with good ideas about the way forward. Before anyone posts I will remind my colleagues what the law says about us being unable to take or incite others to take any industrial action. Please do not make any suggestions that can be seen to be unlawful. I think that My primary suggestion is that we all, as in all members, need to reapproach the Fed and say we want the Industrial Rights issue looked at again as it was mismanaged the last time. I have already written to my rep. We as an organisation have nothing to lose and we need the same rights as other industries to protect our interests. There is nothing left to be bought by our lack of rights. My secondary suggestion is that we all start sticking together and take an attack on one of us as an attack on all. This as long as Im alright jack attitude quite frankly disgusts me-I thought the Police were a family. When the time comes we need to grow a pair and ask for the same rights as everyone else. When we have those rights we wont be going to a nuclear summit armed with a potato peeler. So please- Those of you with ideas-What do YOU think WE should do-Less complaining more action.
  8. Is it possible to voluntarily relinquish the medical ill health benefits of the 1987 police pensions scheme and thus reduce contributions by 3.5%? Below is an extract from the PPS 1987 regulations. Therefore If I don't what the ill health benefits why should I or any officer have to pay for them,especially if the benefits at the end remain the same? Has anyone got any ideas? 3.2 Your contributions You pay contributions towards the cost of your pension benefits. These are set as a percentage of your ‘pensionable pay’, the current rate being 11% (less 1p a week). If you are ineligible for ill-health benefits you will pay contributions at a reduced rate, currently 7.5%. In PPS, members’ contributions meet about a third of the estimated cost of providing pensions and other benefits (the remaining cost being met by employers’ contributions and central government).
  9. I wondered if anybody has experience of the process of applying for a injury award medical pension. I'm currently undergoing treatment for injuries on duty resulting in both physical injuries and PTSD after being involved in a series of incidents. I'm booked to see the SMP early next year. I understand for the purposes of an injury award the medics have to attach a percentage disability. Any advice regarding this issue would be gratefully received.