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Found 4 results

  1. 2wheelerbee

    Half Yellow box rules

    These quite common road features are not covered/ mentioned in the Highway Code, which is a poor show as I often see drivers not obeying full box rules suggesting the subject isn’t dealt with well. My question is can you lawfully stop inside a half yellow box to turn right but prevented from doing so by on coming traffic (in this case from your left and the road is clear to the right)? The case have in mind is a T junction with the box at the end of the minor road stretching out half way into the major road. It is aimed at improving flow without traffic lights so that main road traffic doesn’t block access to and from the minor road when Busy…ie traffic should not enter unless the exit is clear. As far as I can find, The traffic signs gen directions 2002, now 2016, Section 7.2 (2002) treat half yellow boxes and full yellow boxes the same by virtue of diagrams 1043/44 (now amalgamated as 1043 in 2016 regs!) So, if joining the main road from the minor, can I sit in the box, if, the exit road (to my right is clear), but I am prevented by approaching traffic from the left, thus causing me to block main road traffic from my right. Technically, I think I should be allowed to do so, but practically it might be risky to sit in the box as drivers from the right on the main road may not give you right of way. Comments welcome
  2. Hi all, I'm wondering if I want to add an additional pair of direction indicators/daytime running lights on my car at front, would it be legal? (I guess probably no) How can I make it legal if possible? I don't have daytime running lamps and the side lamps are too dark to use in day time. Cheers.
  3. Our terms and conditions are available here
  4. Cagiva22

    Lawful vs Legal

Common Law 
Law of tradition Set by precedence and established fact
 The law that is common to all
 Can only be determined after due process of law (a jury trial) Deals in fact (living beings, truth) Language -English No crime without an injured party Treats you as a man or woman Broken when harm is caused to another Has full force of Law Seeks justice Legal 
Acts of Parliament Set by corrupt politicians
 (often bribed by lobbyists) Statutory Obligations
 Forced compliance is unlawful Unenforceable (without consent) Deals in fiction (corporations, legal entities, statutes, codes, policies) Language - Legalese (sounds like English, has different meanings) To break legislation is an infraction of a policy. Treats you as a corporate person Broken when the rules are not adhered to, essentially a breach of contract Has no force of Law without consent Seeks profit and control No condition can be placed upon a fundamental human right. The government cannot take what is already established as an inalienable right and turn it into a privilege with conditions attached. It can only offer terms to which your agreement is needed to implement a legally binding contract. If you were born free then where and when does the obligation come from to obey government policy? There is no obligation, it is presumed. Only when we consent does the corporate legal fiction have any jurisdiction, as it is we who granted it. The people are the source of all authority. We created the government to serve us. It is a matter of fact that the created cannot be master to that which created it - namely, us. Implied consent has no force of law as equal consideration was never offered. There is no such thing as a social contract. Therefore the legal framework has no inherent force of law and can only act on terms and conditions agreed to by you.