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  1. BerksBlue

    20 years from now.

    Roads Policing will be carried out by a private company in it's entirety. There will be few if any Detectives, indeed few if any police officers in investigative departments and certainly no police officers being recruited in to those posts. Neighbourhood Policing will be principally carried out by PCSOs who will have greater powers to deal with ASB. Civilian investigators will investigate all crimes and carry out interviews. Police Officers will continue to exist as a public order unit to quell disorder and attend violent incidents. There will be no such thing as a Police Station as a place to pop in to- investigations will be run from office blocks, police officers will be based in industrial units with less access to computers which they will require less as they are not carrying out investigations. Custody will be increasingly brought in to 'super-custodys' which have dozens and dozens of cells rather than being based around the policing area. The idea of a multi-skilled police officer will be quaint and the increasingly small amount of recruits will smile at the strange idea that things were once done the way they were now.
  2. BerksBlue


    "after all it's that rank that does most of the doing. Sgts and Insps just communicate what needs to be done." You seem to hold supervisors in very low esteem if you think that is a reasonable summary of their role. There is no division between different ranks in the Fed- any more than there would be between officers of whatever rank in CID when compared to officers in uniform. There are various groupings within the body which are represented in differing ways because they have individual concerns that may not apply to others. For instance the Federation ran a Custody Conference which would be of little interest to those not working in that environment- there is no suggestion that this means the organisation is fractured. As for Sergeants and Inspectors 'troughing' at the Federation, (I note that this accusation has since been amended to have it apply to Constables as well- it is quite telling that the original comment specifically identified supervisors as being guilty of this) where is the evidence? In the same way that every department accuses other departments of being lazy and not pulling their weight, there seems to be a growing desire to now accuse the Federation of living a life of indulgence off of members subs- it isn't true and it never has been. I am not a Fed Rep and I have had experiences which the Fed which have been unimpressive- but for the faults, the organisation has stood the test of time and is now on the brink of reform, continuing to rant and complain about it at this stage is flogging a dead horse. The argument in favour of reform has been accepted, its time to pause and see what emerges on the other side of the changes now.
  3. Was there any reason the last page couldn 't have been done over private messages??
  4. I recognise the questions on integrity from the previous study which was reported in some newspapers last year, there are a couple of parts of your survey which are a little difficult to answer though.... One question asks if a use of force by police can be very educational to the public. I really don't understand what that is asking me. Also, demotion has not been a potential misconduct outcome for a few years now- I think it was scrapped when the regulations were updated in 2008. The subject is very interesting though, I hope you get some useful data from it.
  5. BerksBlue

    Ospre Part 1 - how's the revision going?

    A very tricky exam. Questions seemed alright on the face of it, but the scope of the exam was far broader than I expected. Not certain I have done all that well!
  6. BerksBlue

    The Tories want to shaft us as well

    Do you have a link to this story? The recent Tory announcements are slightly worrying- My projected start date with the police is not until June but I am still following with interest but I would be interested in asking any serving officers if they really think these ideas actually threaten the serice? Surely effective hard-working officers have nothing to fear from these initiatives and they might even benefit from more effective colleagues if those who are not up to the job are removed? Well aware I might be missing something, be interested to hear views.