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  1. mimi-w6

    Police morale

    Nothing to do with workloads but morale. I've just got back from my hols in the lovely island of Madeira. So clean........ no graffitti....... no 'yoots' hanging out waiting to rob someone. Just pure relaxation! What do I see when I get back? A group of 'yoots' being chucked off a train for their anti social behaviour.... shouting and swearing at everyone. Ahhhhh welcome home........... back to work tomorrow. Thank goodness I'm not on a response team!
  2. mimi-w6

    You will have to be a PCSO before PC

    Talking of PCSOs......The Met has a scheme whereby if you refer a friend or relative to be a PCSO and they're successful you'll receive £200. This week on the intranet I saw that if you refer someone who becomes the 300th PCSO you'll receive £500! I see an easy way of someone earning some extra dosh...........
  3. The other week I had the opportunity to see how the other half (PCSO'S) work. My collegue and I visited a Safer Neighborhood office at a certain west London site. The office block was brand new.... 4 PCSO'S and a PC were in a lovely office with complimentary drinks from a vending machine. A clean and modern toilet off the office,with a desk and a computer for each person. What a luxury! I work in a CID office with 14 officers and 4 computers and our station is not too shoddy in the scheme of things....... I know SNT are the brainchild of Doppey Tony Blair with TONS of money is being thrown at them but what about the rest of us on Borough?
  4. mimi-w6

    CID Officers

    We had a laugh today....... helped with a drugs warrant.Officers in 2 TSG carriers were going to do the door.The address was on 15th floor of a tower block. One lot of TSG went up in the small lift but didn't think about how many were in there......lift got stuck and fire brigade had to come out and sort the lift out. It made their day! We had to wait about 20 mins on the floor above till they got 'rescued'. The residents had a snigger too!
  5. mimi-w6

    Kit ?

    I read this article over the weekend... made me smile! Women PCs fed up with their uniforms By Bob Smyth SCOTTISH WOMEN police officers have hit out at problems with their uniforms. Some don’t drink water on duty because of the hassle of going to the toilet in certain gear — and at least one has collapsed due to dehydration. The concerns came to light last week at a meeting in Perth between the British Association for Women in Policing and the Women’s Development Forum, which aims to raise the profile of women within Scots forces. A BAWP survey of uniform problems in England and Wales found women were given see-through shirts, men’s long johns and lower quality clothing that has caused rashes. Scotland is in the process of bringing in new US-style black uniforms across its forces, but the BAWP says there are still problems. National co-ordinator Liz Owsley, a Metropolitan Police inspector, said, “We spoke to representatives from all the Scottish forces apart from Northern Constabulary. “One woman said the new-style black shirts are based on a man’s frame. The sleeves are too long and the bodies are too long for the women to tuck into their trousers. It’s not very flattering. Stab vest “Several male officers have expressed sympathy with the women wearing these shirts. “One senior officer went for a stab vest fitting. A man was doing it, which we feel may be inappropriate. Then she was told her bust was too big and she’d have to make do with a standard one. She demanded she was properly fitted, but it’s possible not all women are.” She added, “When women are given long johns it’s often a one-piece outfit that makes it impossible for them to go to the toilet. The second issue is that if you’re a bit bigger than normal you’re given men’s long johns — and some forces only have men’s. We don’t see why they can’t stock women’s in these sizes. “Women tell us they’re made to feel awkward because they need something different.” There are greater concerns about riot gear. “The ones who wear helmets and carry shields also wear black overalls that are flame retardant. Most forces have one-piece overalls meaning women have to take off their equipment then the entire overall when they want to go to the toilet. “They don’t want the hassle of going to the loo, so they simply don’t drink anything. In various riot scenarios, such as in Bradford, female officers have taken ill. And there was an instance during the G8 Summit when one collapsed through dehydration.” The Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland said, “Most of Scotland is currently is the process of switching to a new operational uniform.”
  6. mimi-w6

    Police and Criminal Slang

    ........ oops that should have been 'drummers' but they are on the whole 'dum'.
  7. mimi-w6

    Police and Criminal Slang

    'Stuffed, cuffed, jail no bail'- someone whose caught in the act, with no hope in hell of avoiding prison the next day when he appears in court! Mainly used when dealing with 'dummers' (burglars in the Met)