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  1. NewkidOnThePlod

    Cop Bashing

    If we aren't obese we are on steroids?
  2. You can always tell when detections are down because somehow there is times to give us an input on TICs. With all of the bull about their benefit to the victim. I find the whole concept corrupt, let alone what these officers have done. I do not see it as an excuse for acting in a fraudulent manner but this is an obvious result of targets which aren't supposed to exist. It's also a concerning prophecy of what will happen when detections will reflect individual performance and effect not only our actual employment.
  3. NewkidOnThePlod


    The same CC's that are hired and fired by the PCC?
  4. NewkidOnThePlod


    Given that the PCCs aren't to have any operational involvement (in theory), what access are they going to have to stations? I fail to see any need for them to be swanning around a briefing room in order to do their job. Yet I can't help but think that Monday's early turn will be getting an unwanted guest for briefing. Which, unless there is an operational need to be involved with, I don't think people should be present for
  5. NewkidOnThePlod

    Public intimidated by Kent Police

    Did anybody make the mistake of reading the comments, primarily the ones from PCC candidate Ken Little. NOT A CLUE. I would rather vote for Katie Price. The ideas this guy has and the remit he thinks he will cover is frightening. Can anyone shed any light on what he was referring to with regards to this site?
  6. NewkidOnThePlod

    The danger of specials

    Seems a bit harsh on supervisors. SMT excluded. The flaws being talked about are caused at and need to be dealt with at a senior level. Those at the sharp end do what we always do, make what ever we have got work as best we can. Supervisors especially. Don't get me wrong poor supervision is very contributory to everything you described, however it is not the cause. The rate at which SC's are being churned out is worrying. Especially when there are more new specials than there are mentors available to work with them. But good luck to the inspector that is asking for more officers and then says they have too many specials at their nick.
  7. NewkidOnThePlod

    Police attacked by cyclists

    I've just seen that people have been charged with public order and assault police offences.
  8. NewkidOnThePlod

    The Winsor Report Thread

    Be nice to see where that money is going as the next few years could see the fed greatly reduced in size with only a few people with access to the bank account
  9. NewkidOnThePlod

    The Winsor Report Thread

    Unfortunately the fundamental differences in our jobs and rights as workers make this very difficult if not impossible. Where other emergency services basically amount to employees and have the relevant rights we are sworn to the crown and are basically at her mercy. The other emergency services could and would want to go down routes that we can't follow. Unfortunately fighting media spin is an uphill battle against the masters of it and without intimate knowledge of how the other service works you find it difficult to legitimately fend off attacks for other organisations.
  10. Safer custody guidelines state that I am not qualified to sweep the custody floor, this is a task that can only be performed by underpaid representatives of G4S or reliance
  11. NewkidOnThePlod

    Any tips on press officers?

    Raffles. Nothing personal but until I see the media helping to reveal the job as it is on a daily basis to the public, instead of flashing blue lights whist following around traffic or firearms then I am in no way shape or form inclined to help the media or press. Any chance you will be making a show on Facebook threats or "I slept with my ex last night and now he won't stop harassing me by text messages that I respond too, what are the police going to do about it?" jobs then I wouldn't bother. Any chance you will want to film me complete a remand file or transcribe an interview tape?
  12. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/law-and-order/9280758/Police-given-24-hour-deadline-to-investigate-complaints-of-anti-social-behaviour.html Do the 20% cuts mean we can get a 20% extension on the 24 hour deadline? I suppose this will be easily achievable what with more of us on the frontline and out "on the beat" on foot. Because doing more for less means I have loads more time for stuff like that.
  13. NewkidOnThePlod

    This bloke is just taking the mick now.......

    I think that Im going to move to Syria, or maybe North Korea. At least they are a little bit more honest about the corruption. It's amazing how much HMG has in common with nations like that. £199,000 a year will take some matching by G4S. I wonder if that. Pay and conditions of that post was considered by winsor? Any chance of the fed jumping all over this in the media?
  14. NewkidOnThePlod

    Should I stay or should I go?

    Leave the Police and become a director in this company. Then once you have become a director it seems you may well be in prime position to re-enter the Police at Superintendent level somewhere down the line.