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  1. The same things are illegal in both countries, just covered by different legislation. So for example in England if you smack someone then you have a variety of bits of legislation depending on the severity, intention etc. In Scotland you have the common law offence of assault or if it's really bad serious assault. I'm perhaps simplifying it a little & my personal knowledge of Scots law is well over a decade out of date so forgive any inaccuracies. Without knowing the exact nature of your colleagues enquiry I suspect that it comes down to the difference between arresting on suspicion in England & Wales (sorry NI I don't know which law system you use) & detaining on suspicion in Scotland. The detention period is a measley 6 hours & it only changes from detention to arrest once you have sufficient to charge. You can go on to investigate further offences once they have been arrested but if you have insufficient to charge at the end of the 6 hours detention cannot arrest & must release them. Doesn't sound great but then they don't have PACE so waiting around for solicitors & disclosure aren't issues. Anyway there are a number of possibilities as to why they couldn't arrest on your behalf. They can't arrest on suspicion, only detain. If for example they were asked to arrest for a Section 18 wounding that offence doesn't exist in Scotland. If your colleague intended to travel to interview it may be the 6 hours would be up & they couldn't hold them any longer so it would be pointless. As I say all just speculation without knowing circs & being a bit out of date with my Scots law.
  2. Y0d4

    Joining the police with a degree

    Of course, in current times you could join direct entry as an Inspector or Superintendent if career progression is all you care about, it would appear to make little difference that you'd have no experience or know what you're talking about. On the back of being a special, who are currently getting more specialist training in an effort to retain them than regular officers get, you should be in good stead to jump the queue. Just remember in 20-30 years time when the government of the day are political point scoring by micro analysing, with the benefit of hindsight, on the spot decisions made at the time whose heads it is that roll. My advice would be don't do it. It's not like it is on TV. There must be better jobs you can get with your degree.
  3. Y0d4

    Mobile 'Phone use.

    Be nice if the controllers didn't try to contact me via my handheld device or the handsfree one in the car whilst I'm driving.
  4. Y0d4

    Is this a Joke - Diversity?

    Gee you mean I should be promoted for thinking like a CC? Sadly I'm the lowest of the low & can only think in common sense, hence the smiley on my previous post.
  5. Y0d4

    Is this a Joke - Diversity?

    Perhaps such an officer could be in charge of the spit hoods. They'd be well protected by their own coverings on approach to a spitting prisoner & he couldn't really complain once the hood was on if the person applying it was already wearing one
  6. Y0d4

    Spit Hoods.....

    I'm sure her organisation won't mind forking out the laundry bills for all the uniforms spat on. In fact maybe we should bag them up & send them to her en masse.
  7. Y0d4

    Spit Hoods.....

    Back in the day I had the displeasure of being in the back of a van with a man I'd recently arrested. He wasn't best pleased about it so had to be handcuffed to the rear & put on the floor in the van with me sitting on the bench holding him down so as to prevent him getting up & further expressing his annoyance. There were no leg restraints back then & I'd never even heard of the conflict resolution thingy. To my horror the young man decided to turn his head & start spitting at me. Carrying out a dynamic risk assessment (which I'd also never heard of back then) the only way I could see to prevent this was to move my spare hand to the young mans head & direct it away from me, thereafter holding it in that position using reasonable force for the rest of the journey. I suspect he was very uncomfortable. I often think of that incident during OST & how things have moved on. Leg restraints & a spit hood would have made that unpleasant young mans journey far more humane. The spit covered hood would have been good evidence too.
  8. Y0d4

    Screenplay Research

    I don't think I released/ revealed anything that isn't already in the public domain already, however if admin feel I have stepped over the mark anywhere then please delete.
  9. Y0d4

    Police ranks & structure

    Hone your skills in golf & 5 a side. The latter should get you your detective title & once you've established which club the relevant bosses belong to the former should get you up the ranks as quick as any direct entry scheme
  10. Y0d4

    Screenplay Research

    I can't think of any reason why PNC would hold details of a victims parents. Even if both were criminals it wouldn't necessarily link them unless they were criminal associates & their misdeeds whilst acting together had been recorded on PNC. Local crime recording/ intelligence systems may hold this information if a non criminal parent had acted as appropriate adult for the victim as a child or vulnerable person. There are a number of other ways peoples details come onto police systems without them being criminals, for example a domestic arguement or missing person where assessments need made to establish risk. Even if people have not been linked by computer systems then good old common sense can prevail & for example if they've been living at the same address together since one of them was a child & have the same surname then it is possible they're related. The old cop sitting in the corner who's worked the area forever is normally an invaluable source of information. Information on PNC is available to all, however not all can log into it so an officer may need to find someone who can or call the details over the radio to the control room. Anything done on PNC is strictly audited & officers are regularly asked to justify why they have carried out checks to ensure it was for a policing purpose. So checking out if your neighbour has convictions or entering the number plate of the attractive person you saw to obtain their address is a no no & could lead to criminal conviction. It's a good idea to keep a note of why you have requested a check so you remember when asked about it weeks later having carried out many more in between. In relation to Specials you are correct, they do not get paid however recruitment of regulars nowadays prefers people with a background in the policing family so being a special, PCSO or civilian staff is generally considered a good stepping stone.
  11. Y0d4

    Tattoo's - Federation

    It may be that she wants to encourage people of Maori origin to apply & is respecting their diversity
  12. Y0d4

    Tattoo's - Federation

    When I had an upper arm tattoo done many moons ago the tattoo artist, who was over from the USA told me many of his police customers had their badge & number tattooed. That wasn't what I was having done (lucky really as I was about to transfer & get a new number & force coat of arms) but he did raise the question of how they would blend in in circumstances where they did not want anyone to know they were police.
  13. Y0d4

    Fitness Test

    A trying to stay awake after 4am on nights would be a far more job relevant test for those of us the wrong side of 40.
  14. Y0d4

    Fitness Test

    So the question still remains what consequence is there for those who can't do it or those who never seem to be required to do it? If there is none then what motivation is there for someone who thinks they might be a bit touch & go to make any additional effort? Oh & before I'm shot down in flames here, despite being no fan of the test, I do it year after year so am being a bit devils advocate rather than trying to find excuses for myself or justify others.
  15. Y0d4

    Death by Taser

    Well I had considered volunteering but they can stick their taser now so far where the sun doesn't shine that they'll need antman to extract it. I'm not blue lighting to anything either or renewing when my authorisation expires
  16. Y0d4

    Death by Taser

    So the way I see it, not having been there & not knowing the full circumstances, is that a former sportsman/ athlete who presumably at least looked in good shape & able to handle himself had attempted to kill his father. Officers were deployed with taser equipped. This may just by chance be the officers that were available or if there was history wth the individual/ address may have been deployed specifically because the were carrying taser. On arrival they had a number of choices based on what they were confronted with. 1. Do nothing & let him continue to attempt or murder his father. Result = Possible death/ serious injury of father & officers suspended. 2. Get physical/ hands on with suspect taking the chance of contamination from his blood, him being fit enough to overpower or disarm them at close range & increase any excited delirium putting great strain on body organs. Result = Possible serious injury/ death of suspect, officers or others. Officers suspended. 3. Utilise non lethal personal safety equipment from a distance in order to keep safe, subdue the suspect & take him into custody with the intention of keeping the victim, public & officers safe. Result= Sadly we know the result of this. Officers suspended. If of course they've gone on to kick him on the ground as alleged by one witness, who surprisingly didn't manage to film it on her mobile phone, then there is very little excuse. I'm a bit dubious that only the one person seems to have witnessed this though. Ultimately it was a no win situation for the officers. Even if they knew of his medical condition they had to do something to attempt to subdue him & there's nothing to say he wouldn't have died anyway. I find the press statement which appears to be hanging them out to dry pretty disgusting. Yes give condolences/ support to the family but don't treat officers as presumed guilty until proven innocent. I can't imagine the stress & turmoil them & their families are currently going through.
  17. Y0d4

    A new career?

    If it's any indication, if either of my children expressed an interest in the police I would try to actively discourage them. I approach the end of my service & still dread going to work every day. If I could turn back time I would never have joined. Sorry to be so negative but you did ask & you'll quite likely get lot's of "best job in the world", "rewarding career" & "every day is different" type responses as that's the kind of officers who would generally log onto a forum such as this. None of those phrases represent my experiences. I have made friends I would never otherwise make & the majority of the troops on the ground are the best bunch of people & characters you could ever meet. That is the end of my positive experience. You can seldom help the people who deserve help due to red tape & other departments quite frankly not taking on the roles they should. People who have caused their own problems in life & contribute nothing to society you will be expected to bend over backwards for, at risk of job loss or criminal conviction if you don't. On that subject if you are convicted of doing or even not doing something you can expect a far longer prison sentence than Billy Burglar who's been terrorising your neighbourhood for decades, because you're a police officer & they'll want to make an example of you. As soon as you put on the uniform, despite your own views, you'll be regarded as racist, bias, corrupt & responsible for things the police did or didn't do decades ago. If you're still considering it, as I'm bound to get lots of people negating or contradicting my view, try watching Jeremy Kyle 8 hours a day for a week to get an insight of our average service user. As a trained professional at least you've got something to fall back on if it's not for you. Sorry again to be so negative. If your hearts set on it then go for it. Send me a PM in a few years to tell me whether I'm right. wrong or somewhere in between. Good luck
  18. Y0d4

    Pension Challenge

    Anybody who's put their faith in these solicitors got any indication of how things are progressing? It all seems to have gone a bit quiet now they've taken the money
  19. Y0d4

    Fitness Test

    Yes I've heard before of people fit as a fiddle but just can't get the turns right. Personally, although I am generally fit, I've never enjoyed running & don't find the beep test testing my aerobic capabilities at all. It's occurred to me that I can think of some office dwellers who don't seem to even be required to do it. Do they automatically go into the fail figures or do they not because they've never been required to do it? Sadly it's another example of divide & conquer with superfit officers thinking we should do some kind of ninja warrior test & unfit officers seeing it as an annual inconvenience & stressing as it approaches. It is possible though that the unfit officers are better otherwise equipped to deal with your crime, the brain vs brawn scenario.
  20. Y0d4

    Fitness Test

    Notice this has raised it's head again. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-36851755 The college of policing plc say they're not aware of anyone being sacked for failing. I still see people on long term light duties who don't do the test but don't appear at any risk of unemployment or civilianisation. I'd really like not to do the test, not because I can't, but because it was a winsor/may idea & I'd really like to not do what they tell me.
  21. Sorry badly written. By emerge I didn't mean how many would put boots on the ground following the event, I meant I wondered what figures would be revealed to have been on duty prior to & during the atrocity. Nowhere near the number they're now saying was vastly understaffed in Nice.
  22. I see reports now questioning why there were only a maximum of 62 National Police & 52 Provincial Police on duty in Nice in a national holiday. Apparently they'd expect there to be around 700. If, God forbid, a similar thing were to happen here I wonder what sort of numbers of officers on duty would emerge?
  23. I can't help but notice yet again he was apparently a petty criminal. Euthanasia of all criminals may help.
  24. It is awful & tragic. I still don't understand why we give the individuals who carry out such atrocities the funeral rites their religion dictates to take them on to whatever paradise they believe exists. If they knew their remains were to be treated in such a way they could never pass on to the afterlife they believe in then their incentive might no longer exist. My thoughts go out to the 84 people who lost their lives & the many more seriously injured through no fault of their own. Also to friends & relatives affected by this for many years to come.
  25. Y0d4

    Hate Crime, or Nonsense

    I better go & hand myself in. The amount of times I've held doors open for females or elderly people, simply because they are females or elderly people without realising it's because I hate them. I was also brought up & entrench into my own son the same values that you don't hit girls/ females. Again I thought this was some chivalrous ethic, perhaps old fashioned to some, I had no idea that it was because my parents hated them.