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  1. arcticfox

    Bad News

    I've sent e-mails galore about this to many sites including the police oracale because they are just not reporting it..... TL's name is in the public domain now and he should get the support of all these office shiny ar**d so called police officers who sit back and live off the kudos of brave officers like TL who work the long hours then have to make a split second decision. Lets hope none of them spill there coffee and burn themselves or that will make the headlines for weeks....
  2. arcticfox

    Bad News

    Someone has to enter the arena and take on the bad guys... "The only thing necesssary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing..."
  3. arcticfox

    Bad News

    Dear all, just to let you all know that the officer involved in the Azelle Rodney shooting who has been charged with murder has had his anonimity lifted.... see below: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/azelle-rodney-murder-trial-expolice-marksman-named-9773391.html This is an absolute travesty that he is having to defend his actions in a court, we should be pinning medals to his chest for what he done on the day. I've never met a more professional firearms officer than Tony, there are lots of firearms officers out there (not just in the Met) that have received instruction from TL who can testify to this. On every operation I completed with him he made a valuable contribution. Now anonymity has been lifted his history will be made public throughout the trail, after wards people will be queuing to shake his hand. Good luck Tony,