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  1. Maverick22

    Crime figures.

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3117510/One-three-violent-crimes-going-unrecorded-Official-figures-distorted-million-offences-left-out.html - I know it is in the Maul, but a new take on Crime Figures. Most of us know that the figures do not represent what the Home Office and Ms |May says, the crime figures can never be truely accurate because much goes unrecorded, and some figures are still being inaccurately recorded. Why are a million fraud offences not included?, Ms May will not like The Commissioners remarks about figures, no doubt he will get a call to visit the Home Office.
  2. Maverick22

    Political Correctness

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2324999/Rural-council-stops-flying-flag-St-George-claiming-offensive-Muslims-links-Crusades.html once again the PC Brigade strike in the heart of Somerset. How do idiots and Jobsworths like Jackson ever get voted onto the council.
  3. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/tony-blair/11266690/The-one-where-Tony-pulls-that-face-Tony-Blairs-Christmas-card-is-mocked-on-Twitter.html What a strange family they are, I just think that people who send Christmas cards featuring themselves is all about vanity, mind you, he always thought he was God, or the second coming.
  4. Maverick22

    ex CC Sim

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-tyne-33366223 - Sounds like she has a 'huge chip on her shoulder' after she was accused of treating male officers the same way as she suggests she was treated. She was told to apologise to some so there must have been some truth in the story. Why didn't she bring the allegations to the fore when she was in the job rather than wait until she had retired. Sounds if she is rather bitter. Ms Baird said if she were not retiring, Ms Sim would have been sent on a management training course to "moderate" her style. The commissioner also said she had directed Ms Sim to apologise to two particular officers.
  5. Maverick22

    Direct Entry

    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/law-and-order/11687489/Police-recruitment-scheme-aimed-at-professionals-attracts-just-seven-successful-applicants.html - Well well, Nicola dale would say that, wouldn't she. Another Muppet of May. Chief Superintendent Nicola Dale, who leads the programme for the College of Policing, defended the scheme insisting it was not about the quantity but the quality of candidates. She said despite initial opposition to the scheme from rank and file police officers, those candidates undergoing training had received an and were making excellent progress. She said: “From the value point of view, this is just a start. We have got a lot of lessons to learn from the first two years. From a financial point of view it is expensive but it’s not about the money, it’s about opening up policing. “It’s a really important first step to show we are not just a closed shop and for me it’s about improving the blend of senior officers. “I think it is really important and worthwhile and it shows that ‘yes, we are prepared to do things differently’.” Overwhelmingly warm welcome from their colleagues, I find that very difficult to believe.
  6. John Long was a DCC. He only had to do 6 months as Acting/CC to get a CC's pension.
  7. Maverick22

    Lord Janner

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3064947/Lord-Janner-director-firm-THREE-WEEKS-ago-emerges-damning-dossier-alleges-police-chief-allowed-peer-molest-young-boys.html - I know it is in the Daily Maul, but if only 50% is true, this case stinks of a cover up.
  8. Maverick22

    Gargan suspended

    http://www.westerndailypress.co.uk/Police-chief-Nick-Gargan-suspended/story-21089638-detail/story.html -
  9. Maverick22

    The Ashes

    Bring back Barrington, Edrich, Compton, May, Cowdrey, Evans, Underwood,Trueman, Higgs, Willis, Dexter,or Loader and Wardle, they might be in their 70/80's but couldn't do much worse than the pile we have at the moment. The big mistake was bringing in Strauss, he will keep all his 'little buddies' in the team even if playing badly. Some one did ask me who spent more time at the crease in the England Team, apparently the lady who Irons their trousers was the answer.
  10. Maverick22

    5 Word Story (2)

    Alan Sugar was Tate and
  11. Maverick22

    Water Cannon

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-33538171 - Starting to look as if that was a waste of money buying these second hand machines that need quite a lot of work done on them to bring them up to standard.
  12. Maverick22

    RTC Scotland

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-tayside-central-33463584 Looks as if someone is going to have to answer some awkward questions. One comment suggests that people saw the the car leave the road and reported it to the police, but didn't bother to go and see if the occupants were OK.(nothing to do with me mate).
  13. Maverick22

    5 Word Story (2)

    i.e Bic Razor Company who
  14. Maverick22


    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/terrorism-in-the-uk/11733968/By-day-at-heart-of-counter-terror-policing.-And-by-night-preacher-of-extremism.html So much for HMG's vetting. Ms Mays department failing again at the Home Office.
  15. Maverick22

    Army Deaths.

    http://www.westerndailypress.co.uk/Army-truly-sorry-deaths-reservists-Brecon-Beacon/story-26899914-detail/story.html - I wonder if the top brass will be held to account over these deaths. No doubt they will blame it on junior officers and try to absolve themselves from blame, as they do over most things, bullying etc, in the Army. Everything is put right after the events with the usual, 'we will learn from our mistakes'[, problem is, they rarely do learn.
  16. Maverick22

    Bookeeper of Auschwitz sentence

    Why has it taken the Germans all these years to do something about prosecuting him, they have known about him for years. I sometimes think the Germans just wish it would all go away. That is somewhat reflected in the 4 years for 300,000 deaths. There was never a great effort by the Germans to get war criminals in court, it was all left to Simon to do all the work even resorting to kidnapping some of the criminals to get them to court.
  17. Maverick22

    Pathetic BBC

    http://www.westerndailypress.co.uk/think-TV-s-Alan-Titchmarsh-apology-using-correct/story-26749634-detail/story.html - How pathetic of the BBC, but that is what most people would expect. I understand that if he had said 'Born out of wedlock digging', that would have been acceptable.
  18. Maverick22

    5 Word Story (2)

    as her teeth were so
  19. Maverick22

    The Ashes

    What do you call an Australian who is good with a Bat ? - A Vet.
  20. Maverick22

    5 Word Story (2)

    month. Her dentist had asked
  21. Maverick22

    PC jailed.

  22. Maverick22


    https://www.avonandsomerset.police.uk/newsroom/policewithpride-lgbt-liaison-team-to-join-pride-event-in-bristol/ -
  23. Maverick22

    A19 Forces Win Appeal

  24. Maverick22

    A19 Forces Win Appeal

    ..or an opportunity to get rid of people who go sick regularly.