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22 left to do

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  1. 22 left to do

    Opsre Part 1 and Methods of Study

    I started reading Blackstones & taking notes but found this far too time consuming. I then started using the Tom Barron CD's, listening to them while falling asleep at night, whilst at home & in the car, basically anytime I could. I also read the Tom Barron crammer books a few times and then just used Blackstones to expand on this knowledge where the crammer books were scant in detail. I made up my own mnemonics & ways to remember things so that I could recite them more easily. From a month before the exam I also started doing a couple of hundred questions most days on Blackstones online Q&A. This sounds like it takes a lot longer than it actually does and it allows you to recognise your weaknesses so you can address them, understand the format of questions you are likely to get & see how they test your knowledge. Being able to recite definitions is NOT enough, you must be able to apply them and know the exceptions to the rules. I passed in the top 3% in the country using these methods. Good luck to anybody sitting the exam this time round.
  2. 22 left to do

    The exam!

    The mock exam is much easier as it is based loosely on the scenarios in the book & is very similar, in some case identical, to the questions on blackstones online Q's, bewarned, the real exam is much tougher!