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    In Tray Test

    Hello, I have a promotion board coming up in a couple of weeks and this will include some sort of presentation/In Tray test. I was just wondering if anyone knew of any online sources that did practice examples test's geared to the role of a police officer/sergeant? I have never done anything like this so I am trying to prepare in the best way possible and unfortunately my force doesn't seem to have any training material to hand. Also for anyone who's done an in tray recently do you think some of the private sector training packages could offer the same training in relation to structure because I can find a wealth of examples if I pay a few ££££'s Many Thanks

    Sergeant Promotion Board

    Firstly thanks for replying. However I am trying to get information on the process following part 2 and what forces do next. Prior to the freeze my force used to just hold interview boards, though I have a feeling this will be scrapped and more added to it.
  3. Hello, After a number of years my force seems to be talking about opening the boards up again, though hearing a lot of talk it now could be an assessment day and not just a promotion board. I am just after some information on what peoples forces currently use for promoting staff to sergeant and inspector. It's all new to me because since passing the OSPRE in 2009 i haven't had the chance to go for promotion due to a " FREEZE" on recruitment. Therefore any information would be great! Thanks

    Shift changes

    Thanks for the reply.

    Shift changes

    I was just wondering if anybody could offer a little help because trying to read those police regs are mind blowing. If I am due to work a set of 4 nights but get put on days for three days to attend court am i required to revert back to nights on the final day or can i stay on days?

    Increment freeze-Had us over AGAIN!

    I posted a few months ago pay scales would be merged in 2016 and today it's been confirmed. Therefore anyone on pay point 4 or above will be on top PC rate by 2016.

    The Future is now

    Lets cut CPS out and be a little more like Judge Dredd!!!!!

    Increment freeze-Had us over AGAIN!

    I have put a line on the new pay scale thread and this details how the pay scales will be merged and i have sent it to the fed now to get confirmation. I can't understand why the FED keep saying they don't know how it will be merged because it's in black and white in Tom Winsors document.

    Increment freeze-Had us over AGAIN!

    Yes it's confirmed on GMP Facebook site which details the Q&A from yesterday!
  10. SAINTS

    Increment freeze-Had us over AGAIN!

    GMP Fed just held Q&A and it was confirmed freeze will end on March 31st 2014 and you will start from were you stopped not should be!
  11. SAINTS

    New Pay Scales

    I see Western Australia is recruiting again and if i was single think i would give it a crack. I know people who went and are still there and others who hated it and came back but with whats happening over here think i would have a try.
  12. SAINTS

    Tom WINSOR

    This idea of just concentrating on Crime Hot Spots makes me laugh. The data we use to map these incidents always comes from the week/months before and therefore when we put resources in the so called Hot Spot it's to late. Also we can't meet demand anymore and don't have resources to flood areas and therefore we will always be a few steps behind. To save money we need to look at the paperwork which hasn't got any better and when one thing goes it's replaced by something else. The bloke is paid £200,000 for coming up with ideas my 3 year old could suggest!
  13. SAINTS

    New Pay Scales

    It's not just the wage freeze/pension increase it's everything else that goes along with it. I have just been hit with a £70 pm increase on energy, food shopping gone up £40 pm, loss of child tax credit, nursery fees gone and there's much more. The argument of living within your means left our house long ago and was replaced by just surviving. I have said it before but nobody in the country want's it's emergency service staff thinking and worrying about money!!!
  14. SAINTS

    New Pay Scales

    Yes Pal. If you look at the link i have put above it's written in Winsor part 2.
  15. SAINTS

    New Pay Scales

    The way i read it is as follows :- If your on pay point 4 when the freeze ends in April 2014 you will go to pay point 5. Then April 2015 you will move to pay point 8. Then April 2016 you will move to pay point 10.