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Capt Chaos

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  1. Capt Chaos

    All Lives Matter.

    Black Lives Matter protesters intent on causing chaos in London blocked in a Waitrose lorry as they chanted 'hands up, don't shoot' at police officers - who were not carrying guns. My son was on the periphery of the incident at Heathrow where he works as a department head. According to him, these protesters did themselves and their cause no good at all, with almost every person going in and out of the airport, whatever their colour or creed, condeming their actions. Doesn't take much of a brain to work out your cause won't get much support by making people miss their holiday flights.
  2. Capt Chaos

    Profile of the Next PCC Election

    In our area we are having the PCC vote and nothing else, so I won't be holding my breath for a big turn out. No idea who the people standing are as I haven't seen any reference to them in either local press or 'flyers'. Except for the current sitting PCC (ex tory councillor) who sent a nice coloured brochure pointing out what he has done 'for our community' (would that include closing down at least three police stations) and the fact that his office - him, a deputy and six workers - only cost one and a half million pounds last year. I will not be voting for a PPC. It is all about gaining political control over the Police Service.
  3. Capt Chaos

    Misleading BBC Headline

    It seems ingrained in the BBC to look for fault in any police incident. Yesterday they were reporting on the man shot and wounded at the Capitol Building in Washington in the USA. Asks the BBC studio anchor man to the USA reporter - "Has anyone blamed the police for not responding quickly enough or criticised them for letting a man with a gun get into the building?" Fortunately the reporter at the scene answered that the man was stopped at the security check at the entrance and all the tourists were praising police for their swift action.
  4. Capt Chaos

    Cabinet Resignation

    Thing is you are not alone in thinking that. In my group of family and friends I have several school teachers, an Ofsted inspectors, fire fighters, nurses and the disabled, and all of them say the same as you do, they dislike this government with a passion after what they have done to them and their jobs, and they will not be voting for them. The impression I get off them is that the vast majority of their co workers think that as well. It seems that 'call me Dave' and crew have alienated the vast majority of public service workers - will they come to rue that at the next elections?
  5. Capt Chaos

    PC Dave Phillips - Verdict

    20 years - sounds like the judge might have 'disagreed' with the jury's verdict of not guilty of murder and handed down what in todays society is seen as a 'stiff sentence' of 20 years for manslaughter. (I read somewhere a couple of weeks ago that the average sentence served for manslaughter in the uk is now about 6 years and murder about 14.)
  6. Capt Chaos

    Cabinet Resignation

    Lots of briefing for and against going on at the moment, and who to believe ..... On one news channel a 'spokesman' was saying how IDS was a man of principle and was left with no other option than to do the honourable thing and resign after the way Osborne had gone against his recommendations to help the disabled re PIP. I changed channels and there is another 'spokesman' saying IDS resignation was nothing to do with PIP, as he knew if Osborne becomes the next prime minister (and IDS & Osborne do not get on) then IDS would be out, so if IDS can help Boris become the next PM then he will be back 'in'. Wouldn't it be nice if there was one politician out there that you could trust and believed what they said.
  7. Capt Chaos

    Camerons negotiations

    Viktor Orban, Hungary’s Prime Minister, has told his parliament that Cameron "Got nothing from the EU meeting" and reassures them that Hungarians who have not paid contributions in the UK will still get benefits in the UK if they move there. http://order-order.com/2016/02/25/hungarian-pm-boasts-well-still-get-benefits-without-paying-in/
  8. Capt Chaos

    The Referendum Discussion

    According to this article, http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/647406/EU-burying-power-grab-laws-until-AFTER-referendum the EU Budget Committee have put off a meeting to discuss a big rise in monetary contributions to the EU until after the UK referendum. Wonder why?
  9. Capt Chaos

    The Referendum Discussion

    Another view, "How EU referendum polls are getting it wrong" The Telegraph http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/eureferendum/12134110/How-EU-referendum-polls-are-getting-it-wrong-amid-a-cloud-of-uncertainty.html
  10. Capt Chaos

    The Referendum Discussion

    This morning on Sky News channel, a reporter did a piece on the truthfulness and reality of the claims that are being made by both sides, as to the cost of staying/leaving the EU, and guess what?, both sides are being economical with the truth. From the STAY side "If we leave the EU it would cost us 3,000,000 jobs." Apparently that's wrong, as the 3M jobs referred to are the total amount of economic activity associated with EU trade, and is from some very old, out-of-date research from the CBI. The only way three million jobs would actually disappear is if every single company in the EU stopped trading with us completely. From the LEAVE side "EU membership costs Britain £20bn a year, or £350m a week." Apparently the actual figure is £17bn. but when you take into account what the UK gets back from Europe in terms of rebate and EU spending in Britain, the net cost is actually £8bn. So both sides are telling porkies to sell their view, I suppose you vote for which one tells the least !!!
  11. Capt Chaos

    In or Out

  12. Capt Chaos

    Camerons negotiations

    The thing I can't get my head round, and I have only heard it mentioned a couple of times, is the order of events - 1. Cameron negotiates a deal with the EU heads of state and gets an agreement. 2. After a few months of 'electioneering', the UK hold a referendum. 3. The result is either In or Out 4. AFTER the referendum result, (and if it is a IN vote) the EU parliament discuss the deal Cameron negotiated and vote on it. Apparently if only one political party use their veto, then the deal is thrown out. Anyone out there think this is a bit of a risk, or have I misunderstood the order of events?
  13. Capt Chaos

    Joint Enterprise

    It was reported on our local tv news last night. I only caught a bit of it but apparently the supreme court have decided that now prosecutors must not just prove that the accused not only had foresight (ie an idea that it might happen) - but now they must prove that the accused also intended the deed to happen. I found this explanation on the BBC news site - Let's take the obvious example of gang criminality. A group goes out to rob teenagers of their iPhones. They have all agreed to that crime and to split the proceeds. A victim resists and one of the assailants produces a knife and inflicts a fatal blow. Are all of the gang guilty of that murder or just the member with blood on their hands? For years, juries were told that to convict the other gang members, they simply had to be sure that they foresaw the possibility that the killing might occur. If the other gang members did foresee such an eventuality, then it was "automatic authorisation" of the crime. But critics of joint enterprise - and there are many - say this is "lazy law" because it leads to guilt and imprisonment without producing evidence of intent. And the Supreme Court has largely agreed with that analysis. The correct test for juries, say the justices, is that they must be sure that the other gang members definitely assisted or encouraged the attacker to do the deed. A murder conviction cannot follow from just being physically present, they had to be 'mentally signed up' too.
  14. Capt Chaos

    Joint Enterprise

    Don't think so. Joint enterprise, or Common Criminal Purpose was brought in to English law in the mid 1800's. Re Bentley, he was convicted under the principle of common criminal purpose or joint enterprise.
  15. Capt Chaos

    Cologne Sex attacks

    There definitely seems to be a difference between what some migrants find acceptable and what the Germans do not - http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/637276/Johannisbad-baths-Rainer-Kallweit-Zwickau-Saxony-Germany