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  1. Kloozo


    Cant see how you can as you need an ICIDP Tutor to oversee what you do and sign off your competencies.
  2. Kloozo

    Police oath

    Sorry, you have lost me OAH. Please enlighten me?
  3. Kloozo

    The Referendum Discussion

    Turkey in then UK out.
  4. Kloozo

    Police oath

    What length of service do you have?
  5. Kloozo

    The Referendum Discussion

    Time for change...and this could be it. This will probably be the most significant vote in our lifetimes, more than any general election. I too am not a Sun reader, Im well educated, mid forties and in a reasonably well paid job, but I want exit. The simple fact that those begging to remain in are the big corporates and those that depend on them. I wonder why? Cheap labour - more profits. That in itself is reason enough for us to leave and go it alone. Im not bothered about losing our significance on the European/world stage, the Empire days are over. Other countries who are not full EU members don't seem to be clambering to get in, are they? Another big concern for me if we remain in is Turkey's application to join. Nightmare scenario, back door wide open to the middle east without the "refugee status". So, as you can see, Im on the fence at the moment.
  6. Kloozo

    Richard Branson and the NHS

    "Welcome to the Virgin Maternity Wing" - ironic or what! We have gone full circle.
  7. Kloozo

    COMPULSORY SEVERANCE: The mother lode

    A lot of self preservation I feel, for both GO and TM. Anyway, don't care really, the best news we have had in 6 years. We should savour it.
  8. Kloozo

    2 Billion overspend

    No, no increase as such but didn't he say he was lifted the cap on council tax precepts, allowing PCCs to up the amount they can charge? Better than nothing.
  9. Kloozo

    No Cut In Police Budget

    Unreal, what a slap to Labour.
  10. Kloozo

    COMPULSORY SEVERANCE: The mother lode

    In the Durham document, when it says pension age, does that mean full 30yrs pension age? Or does it mean the earliest one can take a pension ie at 50yrs with 25 yrs service? Thanks Oh, and if taken at 47 yrs of age, would the normal pension still be payable at 50?
  11. Kloozo

    Well Done

  12. Kloozo

    Annoying Things Colleagues Do...

    Use the following phrases: "...gone pearshaped" "the time by the clock on the wall" " for the benefit of the tape" "touch base" "underpin" "Policing Family" " its in our DNA" Start statements with " I am the above named person an live at the address overleaf". Fail to update victims/complainants regularly. Apart from that, I love 'em!
  13. Kloozo

    Pension Challenge

    Yes, I see. I think it will be common for some to think the LD case is about the basic change of pension principle, not, as I understand it, the fact the new 2015 CARE scheme is discriminatory. I agree that if LD is successful, the result will be a watering down of the contentious factors in the CARE scheme, not a wholesale withdrawal and reversion to the 1987 scheme for all and sundry.
  14. Kloozo

    Pension Challenge

    If I may, I think Porkchop's issue is that he has had his 1987 PPS taken away due to his age, not that he has been offered the inferior 2015 CARE pension . Valid, in my view.
  15. Kloozo

    Election of Speaker of the House

    I watched this farce on the TV. The newly elected speaker is traditionally dragged from his seat by fellow MPS and gets taken to the Speakers chair. Been done since Parliament began I was informed. ... and they have the gall to say that the Police is the last unreformed public service!