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  1. mek9


    Penbwlch, you obviously have a very good working knowledge of the system. With that in mind can I ask, does the number of terminals connected to a particular channel affect the quality of transmissions? and if so, why? Thanks in advance.
  2. mek9


    Well, if you will go for the more expensive ones! just cut the finger off the cheaper ones if that's what you're after!
  3. You wouldn't leave your child in a room alone with a boiling pan of water ( I hope ), and the pan of water doesn't have a mind of its own!! It doesn't matter what type of dog it is...... it's defence is the same as its attack. 42 teeth and all of em hurt!! Properly supervised, there is no reason why children and dogs cannot socialise and interact. But both the child and the dog have to be watched equally.
  4. mek9

    Police dogs

    I'll vouch for LTA687 being innocent of this one, we won't mention traffic cops though, shall we!!!! And I'll also vouch for "pluto" being a changed dog. It's amazing what a bit of experience can do for a dogs confidence. I just hope none of my footage ever gets released.......... Going back to the original post - it makes for a great display, but in reality...... I don't think so!
  5. mek9

    Future as a dog handler

    I would have thought that whichever force you transfer to will expect for you to be able to evidence an ability to deal with most situations competently on your own. That means dealing with as much as possible before putting in your paper application for a vacancy. Transfer forces first, give yourself some time to settle in, get in well with your direct supervisors, then try and get some time out with your local handlers, and request an attachment to your respective training school. Make sure you list your future ambitions throughout your PDP, and also on your PDR. Don't have too much time of sick - none if possible. If your force has a puppy scheme, volunteer for that. It gives you regular access to your dog section, and understanding of whats required in looking after a dog 24/7, and it should get your face known by the supervisors there. As for transfering to another force solely for a dog handlers position... forget it. The only vacancies I've seen advertised like that were for section managers or specialist instructors. Dog Handlers positions are quite higly prized, so there are always enough applicants within forces. Good Luck!!
  6. mek9


    Never done this before, so my apologies if it doesn't work...... but try this link!! I think it works about about £20 inc P&P. These are what I bought, and I've clambered over fences with carpet gripper on top and not been injured. http://cgi.ebay.com/Hatch-STREET-GUARD-Police-Kevlar-Search-Gloves-No-Logo_W0QQitemZ170065412002QQihZ007QQcategoryZ109513QQtcZphotoQQcmdZViewItem
  7. mek9


    try searching for a pair of hatch gloves on ebay! I've bought two pairs from a company called e-cop via e-bay. They fit very snuggly, keep me hands nice and warm, allow me to fiddle about clipping and unclipping the dogs leads to his collar, have kevlar palms, and most importantly, they didn't cost that much!!
  8. mek9

    upper body carriage systems

    Personally i wear an eqipment belt, as I found that I couldn't get used to the positioning of my utilities on the vest supplied to me. Either way I think that it should be personal choice and that all forces should give the wearer the option! As for wearing a harness underneath any clothing while on routine patrol, IMHO you're asking for a damn good beating! The day that someone takes a pop at you when you least expect it and you have to start fumbling about with zips or lifting up jacket to get to your PPE, don't let anyone say "I told you so". You don't need to be "covert" on routine patrol. You may look like a bag of .... in the eye's of some, but at least your tools are immediately to hand. It's all about being as safe as possible out there!
  9. mek9


    HMService, That's the problem when you challenge someone who believes that they are intellectually superior, about their intellect, they loose their sense of humour, and grip on rational thought. Unfortunately, Brutus feels like he has to attack everything/one that doesn't agree with him. I would love to enter a reasonable discussion and give examples of how this technology could benefit society, as Brutus plainly can't see it. However, I really can't be bothered to entertain Brutus' ego.
  10. mek9

    Changing shifts

    Exigencies of duty!!! Pain in the seat of your trousers, yes! But, would you rather go back to situation of 13 months ago, where there was a lot of hatred openly on display in that area! The investigation into the previous disorder is still ongoing, so think of how many shifts have had to be altered to accomodate that! This close to Christmas, I'll stand on any street corner, (and yes I did do eight days straight). But my god is that operation boring!!
  11. mek9


    Brutus, May I suggest a quick visit to your local GP. They may be more qualified than I, to suggest that paranoia is beginning to set in! Don't worry though, they have tablets that help. It's the little microphone's inside the tablets that you need to worry about, they can actually hear what you're thinking!! As a police officer, are you suggesting that this useful intelligence gathering tool should be taken away from law enforcement agencies? Q - Why did you learn another language? A - So that you can understand what is being said in that dialect! And dare i say join in with a bit of banter. Now, if you weren't so nosey and intrusive, someone, somewhere down the line would have filled you in on that conversation, if you asked the right questions. It would have taken a long time, and would have been very time consuming, but ultimately you would have found out, eventually. I may only be educated to GCSE level, and I may be too trusting, but I have a real problem with the type of person who argues against any method of either solving or preventing any type of crime. If you have nothing to fear (other than fear itself) then why oppose any system, CCTV, ANPR, which may ultimately save just one persons life, or property. Even for someone as uneducated as me, it seems to defy logic!! If you cannot imagine the GOOD that this sytem, and the retention of data, can be used for, then perhaps you have not quite reached your academic potential! IMHO
  12. While we're on the subject...... Anyone heard anymore about Mr "Loophole" Freeeman? It's gone a bit quiet since the story of his arrest first broke. Someone please tell me he's going to get charged, and convicted..... of anything, I don't really mind, as long as it's legal and it sticks!!!
  13. mek9

    Police Shoot Man Dead

    I assume it was the officers that shot him, it doesn't actually say so on the linked article????? Maybe it was an accidental discharge of his own weapon as he surrendered. Now that would be justice!
  14. mek9

    Exigency of Duty

    ^^^^^^^^ sez who? Isn't that what reg's are for?
  15. mek9

    Vehicle Based A.N.P.R.

    Just been on the news that one third of all arrests made by CMPG, on the Midlands Motorway network, are as a result of ANPR hits! West Mids have a very professional outfit, involving the Force Traffic Unit, and as a result do have a lot of success! But with serious manpower implications. Each time an operation is run, there has to be at least one serial of officers to deal with the stream of cars that will eventually start to flow onto the holding site. There's usually a recovery agent present as well, for the uninsured vehicles that get seized !!